IDnow Laaunches NFC-Based Verification For Digital ID Cards

IDnow launches NFC-based verification for digital ID cards

IDnow, a leading German platform-as-a-service identity verification service, today announced the implementation of NFC read capability in IDnow AutoIdent. As a result, users will benefit from an even smoother and faster verification process.

 The new solution will support all identification documents compliant with ICAO 9303, such as ePassports and NFC ID cards. All the user needs is an ID card with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip and an NFC-enabled smartphone. 

The IDnow app recognizes the availability of an RFID chip, reads personal data and biometric information (photo) contained in the chip with built-in privacy protection and compares the biometric information extracted from the chip to a video selfie and to a control of existence.

IDnow has found that users increasingly value fast and easy identification and appreciate the freedom of choice when selecting their identification method. Different groups of users prefer different methods, and businesses can see a big increase in their conversion rates if they provide users with choice. 

That is why IDnow offers a complete platform, which includes identification methods ranging from offline to online, from automated methods to procedures performed by identity specialists, flexibly available online, offline. in agencies and even by a courier at the user’s door.

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“The NFC capability of our AutoIdent product is an important step in strengthening our platform and creating a seamless user journey for everyone. Our customers value this freedom of choice for their users and see high conversion rates thanks to simple and transparent processes, ”says Vikas Seth , Product Manager at IDnow. “With the application of NFC-based RFID chip reading in IDnow’s AutoIdent product, you don’t have to compromise, but you get the best of both worlds: a high level of security and a convenient high-speed boarding process, ”he adds.

The principle of reading an electronic passport via NFC is used successfully by airports with electronic passport gates, places with extremely high security requirements. By adding this feature to IDnow AutoIdent, IDnow enables banks, insurance companies and other businesses to achieve the same level of protection against fraudsters and identity thieves through a method, already well established and understood by their end users, fully automated and designed to improve conversion rates.

For high security use cases, IDnow also offers a variant capable of verifying the authenticity of the RFID chip and validating it on a secure server using digital certificates to ensure that the RFID chip itself is not compromised by fraudsters.

In recent years, IDnow has expanded its role far beyond simply offering individual identification methods and has become the global platform for digital identities with several million transactions per year.

In early 2021, IDnow announced the acquisition of Identity Trust Management AG, one of the world’s leading providers of online and offline verification. This is the second acquisition in the past six months for IDnow and represents a milestone on its way to becoming the leading identity platform in Europe . The acquisition of Identity Trust Management AG enables IDnow to expand into new sectors and offer its services to a wider clientele in Germany and beyond.

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