IdRamp Offers Market-Ready Decentralized Identity Platform on the Indicio Network

IdRamp Offers Market-Ready

Decentralized identity provider announces best-in-class dependability on the newest distributed network purpose-built for decentralized identity and the exchange of verifiable claims.

IdRamp, a leader in decentralized identity products and services, announced today that it now provides market-ready solutions leveraging the Indicio Network, a professionally-run decentralized network for identity.

IdRamp provides enterprise and government customers with digital wallets via the Passport mobile application, and on-boarding services with the IdRamp Service Delivery Platform. The company has established itself as a market leader in decentralized identity. IdRamp selected the Indicio Network for its reliability and expert support services.

IdRamp has long recognized the complexity of an ever-growing collection of disconnected protocols, standards, regulations, and technologies. The IdRamp Service Delivery Platform offers decentralized identity that simplifies the experience, removing centralized data, allowing businesses to focus on their business rather than managing technology.

“Part of what adds value to our customers is quick and easy integration into their various legacy ecosystems,” says Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp. “Without having to lift and shift anything, businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes can use decentralized identity to improve user experience by eliminating any need for passwords, increasing privacy by removing the need to share personal data with 3rd party services like Twitter or Facebook and improving data protection by not storing personal data in central databases. This reduces cost by reducing investments in monolithic identity platforms. Having an enterprise grade network to deliver decentralized services for our customers is critical. We are excited to have Indicio Network providing IdRamp customers with a dependable, reliable, and robust enterprise ready network with experienced staff at the helm. Indicio provides the best-in-class distributed network that our customers need.”

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Indicio’s fully-monitored decentralized identity network debuted in July with experienced concierge-class expert support to help companies design, build, and bring decentralized identity products to market quickly. As a Genesis Node Operator, IdRamp helped launch the Indicio Network, contributing dedicated server space, ongoing governance contributions, and community leadership.

The IdRamp platform allows for the simple management of decentralized identity verifiable credentials in one easy-to-use platform that can be linked to virtually any existing application. These credentials are tamper-proof, and with simple security reporting and flexible APIs, improving business productivity and security oversight.

“We are thrilled to see the growing Indicio community begin to run their customer workloads on our network,” says Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. “IdRamp offers solutions that help people move from a world of centralized digital existence with a multitude of logins, passwords, and profiles in someone else’s database, to one where identity is digital and decentralized, yet controlled by the individual. Decentralized identity allows us to protect our privacy and share our information at a distance – two things that are increasingly important to the efficiency of the global economy, and critically important in the context of a worldwide pandemic.”


“IdRamp and Indicio are helping to grow a community focused on delivering decentralized identity solutions that will drive adoption of this empowering technology,” says Karl Kneis, COO of IdRamp. “Now IdRamp can provide a suite of simple-to-use, professional grade tools and services, all connected to a state-of-the-art network. This community effort will drive our solutions to scale management of verifiable credentials at the speed our customers need. Decentralized identity is new, but it is the most secure and trustworthy means of data sharing yet devised. Now it’s also easy to use.”

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