Infisign Introduces Identity and Access Management Platform

Infisign Introduces Identity and Access Management Platform

Infisign today announced the launch of its Identity and Access Management(IAM) platform, a unique solution to offer passwordless authentication using the ground-breaking Zero Trust approach. The Zero Trust framework eliminates the reliance on traditional perimeter-based security measures and implements robust authentication and access control mechanisms at every level of the network infrastructure.

The launch comes at a time when organizations are seeking reliable and scalable IAM solutions to safeguard their digital environments. With Infisign, users can securely access their accounts and resources without the need for cumbersome passwords, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. Users hold their own data and share only the necessary information required for authentication.

One of Infisign’s key features is its cryptographic algorithm which overhauls the existing Hardware Security Modules. By enabling DID communications, Infisign can reduce implementation costs for customers by around 80%. This cost-effective innovation is said to have the potential to significantly impact the cybersecurity landscape.

In addition to its Zero Trust IAM capabilities, Infisign offers advanced features for Privileged Access Security, providing organizations with comprehensive solutions to protect their most sensitive assets. By implementing Privileged Access Security, businesses can effectively manage and monitor privileged accounts, mitigating the risk of insider threats and unauthorized activities at a significantly lower cost.

With the combined market for Zero Trust and IAM expected to reach $100B+ by 2028, the founders envision Infisign to disrupt this market with its unique solution.

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Aditya Santhanam, Co-Founder shares, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Infisign. It represents our commitment to resolving one of the most persistent problems in cybersecurity. We are confident that Infisign will make a significant difference in the industry.”

Jegan Selvaraj, Co-Founder adds, “We ensured that Infisign was revenue-generating from the start. We believe this approach has set a solid foundation for our company’s future and strengthened our journey towards becoming a tech unicorn.”

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