Infotecs virtualizes ViPNet VPN via Docker container for PLCnext Control from Phoenix Contact

Infotecs virtualizes ViPNet VPN via Docker container for PLCnext Control from Phoenix Contact

Infotecs GmbH, the leading international provider of IT security products from Berlin , provides its encryption solution for PLCnext Control from Phoenix Contact. With it, Infotecs virtualizes its encryption module via a Docker container directly on the controller.

Operators of distributed industrial manufacturing systems are increasingly integrating machines and systems into their IT infrastructure. This is necessary to continuously control and monitor production flows and to record relevant statistics.

Connecting production systems to IP networks poses a technical challenge. In the industrial sector, these systems are increasingly becoming the target of cyber attacks. Distributed generation is a serious problem that requires a proven security solution.

With its PLCnext technology, Phoenix Contact has created a prerequisite for the safe operation of machines and systems. This is possible, among other things, with a VPN (virtual private network) solution from Infotecs GmbH. The software vendor deploys it directly on the controller and thus creates secure end-to-end encryption.

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Therefore, confidential machine data transferred from systems and the connected network to a SCADA control system is protected against unauthorized access. PLCnext technology allows easy integration into an existing OT infrastructure.

“Infotecs’ ViPNet VPN solution, virtualized via a Docker container, is now available for PLCnext Control from Phoenix Contact. Deploying ViPNet VPN on these devices protects the transfer of data within production environments to the end point and thus creates a prerequisite for secure remote maintenance access to sensitive industrial systems and applications. ViPNet VPN is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution, ”said Josef Waclaw , CEO of Infotecs.

The PLCnext controller AXC F 2152 is part of the PLCnext ecosystem from Phoenix Contact. The control combines the robustness and security of a classic SPS with the openness and flexibility of the world of smart devices. With PLCnext technology, Phoenix Contact responds to the challenges of the IIoT world and simplifies existing control solutions. This solution transforms automation as boundaries disappear and new possibilities for industrial automation emerge.

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