IntelliDyne Announces New Board of Advisors

IntelliDyne Announces New Board of Advisors

IntelliDyne, LLC, a progressive Government Information Technology firm, is pleased to introduce a new Board of Advisors. These five Board members will leverage their collective skills and industry expertise to provide strategic guidance and direction to IntelliDyne’s executive team during the company’s continued growth as a leading IT services provider.

Joining the newly established Board are Ed AbnerKathy AlbaradoKimberly PackErich Windmuller, and Michael Zaramba.

“We are thrilled to welcome this group of innovative and experienced leaders to advise IntelliDyne through upcoming phases of growth,” said CEO, Rob Grey. “The combined expertise of our Board members in focus areas such as Operations, Human Capital Management, Technology, Finance, and Strategic Planning will play a key role in guiding future operational decisions.”

Ed Abner will serve as Chairman of the Advisory Board with a focus on providing leadership development and operational support. Ed retired from IntelliDyne as Chief Operating Officer in October 2020.

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During his tenure with the company, Ed was consistently recognized for his leadership in areas such as business development, operations, growth strategy, and implementation. The executive team is excited to welcome him back.

Kathy Albarado, CEO and Founder of Helios HR will provide strategic advice and counsel as it relates to continuing to hire, retain and engage top talent. Kimberly Pack, Managing Director of Wolf Den Associates will advise IntelliDyne’s executive team about strategic planning initiatives and M&A opportunities.

Erich Windmuller, Founder and Managing Director of Four Winds Consulting LLC will provide technology expertise in areas such as Enterprise IT and Cyber SecurityMike Zaramba, Founder of Halyard Associates has worked with IntelliDyne as a financial advisor since 2015. In his role as a Board member he will continue to help the company grow and provide M&A guidance and support.

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