International Currency and Global Payment Expert Firma Upgrades Anti-Financial Crime Capabilities With Napier

International Currency and Global Payment Expert Firma Upgrades Anti-Financial Crime Capabilities With Napier

Napier, provider of advanced anti-financial crime compliance solutions, has announced it is now the platform of choice for Firma, a foreign exchange and global payments company headquartered in Canada.

Napier, which works with financial organizations around the globe to provide AI-led anti-money laundering solutions, will supply Firma with Transaction Monitoring, Client Activity Review and Risk-based Scorecard solutions, enabling more efficient identification and management of risk.

Established in 1998 in Edmonton, Alberta, Firma operates globally and has offices in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Trusted to move more than $15 billion in payments around the world safely and securely, the company provides businesses with customized global payments and foreign exchange solutions. Firma’s compliance team will use Napier solutions to spot any suspicious activity quickly and easily, and to support their ongoing commitment with relevant regulatory obligations.

Ashley Tassell, Compliance Director at Firma said: “Leveraging Napier’s leading-edge technology will greatly enhance our ability to identify and manage risk, supercharging our anti-money laundering and compliance capabilities. The Napier platform upgrades our technology assets and provides us with assurance that our technology will be both scalable and reliable against the threat of financial crime, now and in the future.

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“The determining factor in working with Napier was the ability to easily integrate its solutions into our current processes. We’re now able to track the entire lifecycle of a customer with a holistic view that draws together all transaction data and customer profile data from our KYC systems. This significantly enhances our capabilities in spotting suspicious activity and makes it extremely difficult for any criminal behavior to work through our systems.”

With a presence in the UK, North America, Australia, Singapore and Dubai, Napier has a growing global footprint and increasing roster of international customers. Led by its sophisticated platform technology, the company’s further growth strategy will also now benefit from the recent addition of former HSBC COO Andy Maguire to its Advisory Board.

Julian Dixon, Napier CEO, said: “Where financial crime will always be a threat, we’re now in a position where technology, together with AI support, can help financial services organizations shore up and continue to evolve their systems with relative ease. This helps comply with regulation but also significantly reduces the impact of criminal behavior on wider society.”

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