Introducing Tasktop Viz™ VSM Portfolio Insights, Bridging The IT-To-Business Gap For Value Stream Management At Scale

Introducing Tasktop Viz™ VSM Portfolio Insights_ Bridging the IT-to-Business Gap for Value Stream Management at Scale

Tasktop, the company creating the universal integration and visualization standard for value stream management (VSM), today announced the new Tasktop Viz™ VSM Portfolio Insights dashboard.

Built to deliver tangible and quantifiable value for the business, VSM Portfolio Insights arm IT and product leaders and C-level executives with end-to-end visibility into digital transformation successes and areas for optimization.

The new VSM Portfolio Insights help software teams release products that have a greater impact on their business and enables executives to drive better business strategies. Tasktop today also announced $100 million in new funding to fuel further VSM innovations and company growth.

“So many digital transformation initiatives struggle due to the sheer complexity of the teams, tools and metrics within IT organizations — we remove that complexity and replace it with the actionable visibility needed for rapid innovation,” said Mik Kersten, CEO at Tasktop. “Executives and senior leaders need a more agile way to drive systemic improvements over local optimizations and must ensure lurking problems aren’t hidden by averages that don’t take each product value stream into account individually. No business or technology leader can respond quickly enough to the market without a unified and universal way of understanding and communicating the metrics within these value streams. That’s what VSM Portfolio Insights deliver.”

Tasktop Viz VSM Portfolio Insights Dashboard

VSM Portfolio Insights Dashboard rolls up metrics and analytics generated at the individual product value stream level to the executive plane. The interactive dashboard presents consolidated insights into the performance, quality, value and impact of delivery including:

  • The progress of the shift from project to product-based IT
  • The ability to respond rapidly to the market
  • The business processes capable of acceleration, namely: feature to cash, defect to resolution, risk to mitigation or debt to pay-off
  • The value creation and value protection areas currently lacking appropriate investment

“For many, digital transformation is notoriously difficult to execute and optimize without proper visibility,” said Bryan Fleming, former SVP, Product & Technology T-Mobile. “Tasktop’s insights dashboard promises to solve this massive issue and save millions with a data-driven approach rolled up across product portfolios directly to our IT leaders. This expansion on the transparency that has always been at the core of Viz is extremely valuable in setting business priorities and tying those directly to product delivery and performance.”

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This go-to view for executives and senior leaders helps quickly hone in on the areas requiring attention and support, while highlighting exemplary value streams that can be harnessed to mentor others.

“We repeatedly hear customers are looking to better cultivate and improve the IT and business management relationship. The new portfolio-level VSM insights highlight what’s working and what still needs improvement, so leaders can drill down to the product level as needed and work with their direct reports on progressing toward business goals and continuous improvement,” explained Nicole Bryan, CPO at Tasktop. “The emphasis on business impact and long-term value also shifts perceptions from IT being seen as a cost center to what it actually is — a profit center.”

New Tasktop Viz Product Improvement Insights

VSM Portfolio Insights include:

  • “Shift to Product” insights that enable CIOs and IT leaders to measure the shift from project to product-based IT and inform which products are:
    • Measuring the flow of business value through their end-to end value streams
    • Prioritizing the right set of features to achieve tangible business goals
    • Actively taking action to improve flow and focus on high value business initiatives
  • Agile Improvement insights that identify where high workloads are straining resource capacity and diminishing the return from transformation efforts. These insights point out:
    • Where products are biting off more work than they can complete, causing work-in-progress to grow stale and time-to-market to increase
    • When products will realistically have capacity for new work, based on their current workloads
    • Which business processes can anticipate longer Flow Times: feature to cash, defect to resolution, risk to mitigation or debt to pay-off
  • Product Management Improvement insights that help leaders cultivate new product management skills within existing staff and shift the focus from short-term gains to long-term value. These insights highlight products that are experiencing:
    • Low feature delivery, indicating a slow-down in new capabilities necessary to drive business growth
    • High defect distribution, where quality issues are endangering customer satisfaction
    • Increased exposure to fines and breaches, by neglecting risk
    • Diminished capability to accelerate innovation in the long-run, by neglecting debt

“Our organization has been undergoing a shift toward a more product-focused approach. During this process, Tasktop Viz and Hub have been crucial in driving efficiency in our delivery,” said Dan Hedstrom, Chief Information Officer at Cubic Corporation. “As leaders, the visibility through our value streams have helped us learn and improve. This success is allowing us to scale more rapidly, focus on innovation and ultimately deliver more value to our customers.”

Tasktop Viz launched in March 2020 to enable traditional businesses to transform their software development to compete with high-performing digital natives by instantly providing an outside lens focused on business outcomes.

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