Israel’s Assuta Medical Centers Implements Illusive Networks to Protect Critical Data

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Israel's Assuta Medical Centers Implements Illusive Networks to Protect Critical Data

Illusive Networks®, the leader in deception-based cyber defense solutions, announced that Assuta Medical Centers has chosen Illusive’s Attack Surface Manager and Attack Detection System solutions to protect its network.

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Founded in 1936 in Tel Aviv, Assuta Medical Centers is the largest private hospital network in Israel, operating eight hospitals and medical centers from north to south. Assuta Medical Center is a facility for surgery and diagnostic procedures in all fields of medicine. Assuta accounts for about 15% of the surgeries in Israel and takes care of the health of more than 1 million patients per year. Given the sensitive information healthcare organizations possess, Assuta needed a platform that offers more authentic deceptions to boost its lateral movement defense capabilities. The organization also needed a solution to shrink its attack surface by removing errant credentials and connections, which the previous deception vendor did not offer.

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With health information systems increasingly digital and interconnected, they are attractive targets for advanced attacks, including data theft, identify theft and denial of service. Successful attacks can result in the erosion of patient trust, significant financial losses, regulatory scrutiny, and above all, the risk to patient safety.

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