Kasm Collaborates with Rogers Capital to Provide Zero-Trust and Desktop-on-Demand Technologies for Oriyel Digital Workplace Solution


Kasm Technologies announced a partnership with Rogers Capital Technology, a leading provider of IT and telecommunication services in Mauritius and mainland Africa, to provide on-demand virtual desktops, secure remote access and browser isolation technology to power the newly released Oriyel Digital Workplace offering.

“Kasm is honored to partner with Rogers Capital in a technical collaboration to create a web-native and DLP-enabled desktop-as-a-service solution in the Oriyel offering,” stated Justin Travis, Co-founder and CEO of Kasm Technologies.

The Kasm Remote Workspaces technology provides industry-leading desktop/application-on-demand capabilities and zero-trust secure remote access capabilities used by the Oriyel platform for enabling employees to work remotely in compliance with corporate policy and without the risk of data compromises.

The Oriyel on-demand desktop and application solution uses container-streaming technology along with an advanced graphics rendering capability to allow your remote workforce to access corporate resources remotely and securely. Since your data is processed within the Oriyel zero-trust platform, rather than on the remote users workstation, there is no risk of data exfiltration out of the system or malware compromise into the system.

“We feel privileged by this partnership with Kasm Technologies, a leading provider of secure collaboration and data loss prevention solutions globally. Rogers Capital is Kasm’s very first business and technical partner in Africa, let alone in the southern hemisphere.”, stated Kabir Ruhee, CEO of the Rogers Capital Group.

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“Oriyel on-demand virtual desktop is a first-of-its-kind web-native solution that enables users to securely access their office tools and business applications without any risk of data breach” stated Dev Hurkoo, Managing Director of Rogers Capital Technology. “The close collaboration with Kasm Technologies has been truly instrumental in developing such an innovative data-secure-first platform for the business community”.

The partnership brings the latest in Kasm Digital Workplace technology to the existing Rogers Capital Technology portfolio to provide an end-to-end communications solution that allows organizations to reduce infrastructure/IT costs, increase regulatory compliance and mitigate the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

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