KELA Unveils Major Updates To Industry-Leading Technology, DARKBEAST

KELA Unveils Major Updates to Industry-Leading Technology_ DARKBEAST

KELA, the global leader of actionable threat intelligence, announces today many of the recent major improvements applied to their cybercrime research and investigation technology, DARKBEAST, during Q1.

KELA’s DARKBEAST automatically penetrates the hardest-to-reach corners of the cybercrime underground to enable federal investigators, security practitioners, intelligence analysts, and threat hunters to safely and simply research through the darkest corners of the Internet.

KELA’s industry-leading technology helps expose underground digital dangers to its clients by collecting, analyzing, and storing data from numerous sources in the cybercrime underground and making it accessible for users to search through – saving them the time, risk, and complexity of needing to locate and access the sources themselves.

Raveed Laeb, Product Manager at KELA, stated: “We launched DARKBEAST to support all types of security teams in their intelligence collection and analysis processes. From the very start of launching DARKBEAST, we noticed great market attention and interest in our technology and immediately saw a spike of success within short time of releasing it.

We’re proud to say that DARKBEAST is actively being used by federal investigation teams, MSSPs, and security professionals globally including fraud teams, cyber threat intelligence teams, vulnerability management teams, and supply chain management teams.”

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Following the major changes, DARKBEAST users can now benefit from:

–  Visibility into network accesses being sold by initial access brokers – KELA regularly monitors initial access brokers – a specific tier of cybercriminal actors who facilitate network intrusions in the affiliate ransomware supply chain – allowing users to actively track, analyze, and neutralize initial access brokers before they cause harm.

–  Searching through images posted in cybercrime forums, instant messaging groups, ransomware blogs & more – While penetrating the hardest-to-reach sources of the cybercrime underground, KELA not only collects text, but also images that criminal actors are posting. DARKBEAST allows users to search through images posted by threat actors by automatically identifying keywords searched within images, screenshots, or files – providing users with an additional capability to identify and defeat criminal actors attempting to cause harm.

–  Finished intelligence compiled by KELA’s Cyber Intelligence Center – Users can now gain contextualized and actionable intelligence from research performed by KELA’s Cyber Intelligence Center. Finished intelligence can be leveraged in two ways: either through directly searching through KELA’s finished intelligence repository, or by viewing raw data within DARKBEAST and accessing KELA’s additional insights on top of the raw data.

–  Subscriptions & real-time alerts on saved queries – Users can now subscribe to relevant queries in order to track new results over time and receive real-time notifications.

–  DARKBEAST API – With DARKBEAST’s integration to RESTful API, users can now benefit from DARKBEAST-driven intelligence without the need to enter the DARKBEAST interface. The easy-to-implement API allows users to manage and operate their threat hunting and research processes from their existing tools and technologies.

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