KSOC Reveals the Names of New Executives in their Advisory Board

KSOC Reveals the Names of New Executives in their Advisory Board-01

KSOC, an event-driven SaaS platform built to automatically remediate Kubernetes security risks and enforce least privilege access control across distributed cluster infrastructures, today revealed their executive advisory board which contains a distinguished group of cybersecurity investors and industry experts. Alongside company executives, these cybersecurity and Kubernetes luminaries will push KSOC to strengthen product development as well as go-to-market strategy.

“Since our inception, our goal has been to define a market space within Kubernetes security. The advisory board was assembled to help us achieve this goal by providing invaluable strategic guidance that will advance our product and sales processes,” said Brooke Motta, Co-Founder and CEO, KSOC. “Each individual brings a unique knowledge base and experience to the table and will impact KSOC in positive ways—enabling us to morph into the security partner of choice for enterprises looking to adopt, scale, and secure Kubernetes across their business without impacting development velocity. ”

“With the explosive growth Kubernetes has experienced in the past couple of years, KSOC is uniquely positioned to help enterprises quickly identify and remediate Kubernetes misconfigurations and vulnerabilities,” stated Rajendra Umadas, Senior Manager of Platform Security at ActBlue, and an advisory board member. “The industry needs a product like KSOC and I am ecstatic to be a part of their upcoming initiatives.”

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KSOC delivers organizations the proper Kubernetes security controls, including least-privilege access and hardened cluster configurations to ensure that development and security teams can reinforce their enterprise cloud environments at the source: the code itself. KSOC is poised to meet the needs of the nearly 5.6 million developers worldwide who use Kubernetes, according to The Cloud Native Computing Foundation1.

“KSOC has extensive expertise in Kubernetes, allowing them to develop a holistic security solution for the Kubernetes system. KSOC’s ability to communicate and work with Kubernetes is unlike any other platform in the market – this is critically important in any company that is leveraging microservices in the digital value chain,” said Eric Hussey, Vice President and Global Chief Information Security Officer at Aptiv, and advisory board member.

The Advisory Board consists of eight industry executives:

  • 1Andrew Peterson – Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Signal Sciences
    • Along with founding, leading, and selling application security pioneer Signal Sciences for $825m, Andrew is a prolific angel investor and advisor in security, devops, and data companies forging the next generation of innovation.
  • Chris Aniszcyk – Chris Aniszcyk – CTO at CNCF
    • Chris is one of the co-founders of CNCF and also a partner at Capital Factory where he mentors, advises, and invests in local startups. He also assisted Twitter in creating their open source program and strategy.
  • Dineshwar Sahni – Director of Product Security at Visa
    • Dineshwar is a DevSecOps evangelist and a passionate advocate of the shift left mindset. He believes in enabling and empowering product teams to develop fast while keeping security paramount. Along with finding and fixing vulnerabilities earlier in the dev cycle, he focuses his energies on security training, privacy, enterprise risks management, ENISA, GDPR and regulatory compliance. He has well rounded experience in product development and security for the financial services sector.
  • Eric Hussey – Vice President and Global Chief Information Security Officer at Aptiv
    • Eric is a cybersecurity security executive with over 20 years of domestic and international Fortune 500 and 1000 experience. He holds a proven track record of building and optimizing security functions in globally distributed technology organizations.
  • James Brown – Senior Director of Infrastructure & Security at Invoca
    • James has extensive experience and knowledge in DevOps, Automation and Infosec.
  • Mark Manning – Security Architect at Snowflake
    • Mark is a former security consultant specializing in container technologies, i.e. Kubernetes.
  • Rajendra Umadas – Senior Manager of Platform Security at ActBlue
    • Rajendra has over a decade of experience in the security space, with knowledge in IT, security engineering and architecture.
  • Zane Lackey – Co-Founder of Signal Sciences and KSOC angel investor
    • Zane currently invests in modern DevOps, DevTools, and cybersecurity companies. He has experience leading a security team at the forefront of the DevOps/Cloud shift as CISO of Etsy.

The assembly of the advisory board comes on the heels of KSOC’s latest announcement highlighting its ability to satisfy all critical components of Kubernetes security as detailed in newly published hardening guidelines released by the NSA and CISA. KSOC is inspired by the NSA and CISA guidance, believing that it will propel organizations in the right direction. Join KSOC on April 21 at 1:00pm CT to dive deeper into the guidance provided by the NSA as well as demonstrating what the KSOC platform can do and provide a sneak-peak of some roadmap topics. Register here.

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