Laplink® Provides Azure Active Directory Profile Migration Software Free to IT Teams and Organizations of Any Size

Laplink® Provides Azure Active Directory Profile Migration Software Free to IT Teams and Organizations of Any Size

Laplink Software, Inc., the global leader in PC migration and creator of the only software of its kind recommended by Microsoft®, Intel®, and all major PC manufacturers, announced today that its popular PCmover Profile Migrator (PPM) software will continue to be free to IT teams and organizations of any size through June 30, 2021.

This software eliminates the hassles involved with manually copying contents of the previous on-premises Active Directory (AD) profile to a new Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) user profile on the same device — including applications, data, and settings.

Enterprises and organizations of all sizes are making the move to cloud-based services like Azure AD to take advantage of features, such as single sign-on and multi-factor authentication that help to protect users from 99.9 percent of cybersecurity attacks.

However, the migration process is far from automatic: every time an existing device is joined to Azure AD, a new user profile is created and the content in the old user profile is no longer accessible. As a result, IT staff must spend hours manually moving applications, settings, and files between user profiles for each PC.

PCmover Profile Migrator automates the entire user-profile migration process, saving IT teams hours of time while also helping to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free transfer to Azure AD.

PPM is also the ideal solution for user-profile transfers between any two users and for migrating data from an old user profile associated with a former domain to a new user profile on a new domain on the same Windows PC. For migrations between PCs, and PC upgrades, Laplink’s PCmover Enterprise provides the most efficient means to transfer from an old AD-joined PC to a new Azure AD-joined PC.

Koos Stoop, IT Manager at Theiner ICT B.V., an IT service provider based in the Netherlands, explained the value of using PCmover Profile Migrator during PC migration projects like this: “Migrating user profiles is highly unique and user-dependent, which often made them extremely time consuming.

When we found Laplink’s PCmover, it opened our eyes to how fast and easy profile migration can be. Now, it only takes us a matter of minutes — instead of hours — to migrate profiles. So, if you think migrating user profiles is a difficult and lengthy process, get PCmover and think again!”

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Hybrid identity deployments require profile migration

PCmover Profile Migrator is also essential for organizations supporting remote workforces and adopting a hybrid identity model that creates a common user identity with authorization to all resources, regardless of location.

Companies using Microsoft’s Azure AD Connect to sync users between Azure AD and a local AD will find PPM offers an efficient solution for the first step in the process – moving local AD user profiles to Azure AD.

“Making the move to Azure Active Directory makes a lot of sense for most organizations who often need to simplify their active directory infrastructure and harmonize directories after M&A, corporate restructuring, or IT cost cutting,” said Thomas Koll, Laplink CEO. “By making PCmover Profile Migrator free to IT teams and organizations of all sizes, we’re helping to make the transition to Azure AD or a hybrid identity model both fast and easy.”

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