LogRhythm Product Innovation Prioritizes Speed and Efficiency for Fast, Agile and High-Performing Security Teams


LogRhythm, the company helping security teams stop breaches by turning disconnected data and signals into trustworthy insights, today announced its 7th consecutive quarterly release. This announcement comes on the heels of over 200 new features released throughout 2023 across the company’s self-hosted and cloud-native SaaS SIEM platforms, LogRhythm SIEM and LogRhythm Axon. The continued momentum of releases cement LogRhythm’s commitment to driving innovation and addressing the cybersecurity industry’s greatest challenges in defending against digital weaponization.

“As LogRhythm’s SIEM capabilities continue to expand, our primary goal remains delivering powerful security platforms that help customers quickly and confidently secure their environments,” said Chris O’Malley, CEO of LogRhythm. “Whether our customers prefer the control and customization of a self-hosted solution or the scalability and agility of the cloud, LogRhythm provides the tools and expertise to navigate the evolving threat landscape with confidence.”

Empowering Analyst Efficiency: Faster to Detect, Faster to Respond  

LogRhythm’s ongoing dedication to optimizing SOC team and analyst efficiency is exemplified by recent innovation exclusive to LogRhythm Axon. Unlike other vendors, seamless integration with broad case management improvements provides a unified view of each case within the user interface, eliminating the need to switch to separate search functionality when drilling down for additional investigation. This patent pending, integrated methodology centralizes case-related information and empowers security analysts with a comprehensive, user-friendly experience, ensuring they have all necessary insights readily available when needing to detect and respond to cyberthreats.

Expanded SaaS-based and Cloud-Native Security with LogRhythm Axon 

  • New, patent pending interactive single screen investigation reduces mean time to respond (MTTR) by highlighting contextual insights of cases with drill-down capabilities of log sources and security analytics in a single pane of glass
  • Improved Assisted Search feature increases analysts’ productivity with suggestions of recent searches, search lists, and search queries
  • Additional collector for Microsoft Office 365 Management API expands visibility by enabling monitoring, analysis, and data visualizations about user, admin, and policy actions from Office 365 and Microsoft Entra
  • Enhancements to Axon Agent management increases efficiency for on-prem data collection by making it easier to deploy and upgrade agents

Improved Log Source Onboarding and Platform Experience with Self-Hosted LogRhythm SIEM  

  • Expanded support to onboard additional Beats and Open Collectors from a single location, cutting the workload in half
  •  Simplified Windows Event log onboarding and improved analyst workflows when reviewing alarm notifications
  • Broadened LogRhythm’s library of supported log sources and parsing capabilities to enhance the SIEM’s ability to correlate and analyze data effectively

LogRhythm NDR

  • Toggle button to hide safelisted items in the Hunt Activity Page increases analyst efficiency by allowing them to focus on the highest priority detections
  • Expanded IP geolocation contextualization with country and region empowers analysts to make quick decisions
  • Enhancements to detection engines of machine learning DNS models reduces false positives

“LogRhythm Axon’s ability to adapt to our growing infrastructure and accommodate our diverse security needs has far exceeded our expectations,” said Keith Redmond, CTO of The Health Informatics Service. “The platform’s advanced analytics and automation capabilities have not only enhanced our overall security posture but have also significantly reduced the burden on our security team, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.”

“Our engineers are very excited for Axon. For RedLegg, the benefits will be greatly felt with the reduced administrative effort as well as the advancements we’re going to be able to take with the API-first methodology in the product,” said Christian Martinez, MSS Security Solutions Manager at RedLegg. “With the improved parsing and faster searches, it will benefit not only our security operations teams, but our customers as well, as we’ll be able to perform quicker searches and investigations. Overall, it’s an exciting and welcome direction for the product.”

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2023 Growth and Industry Recognition 

LogRhythm’s remarkable growth over two decades can be attributed to a combination of factors, including a growing customer base, strategic partnerships that amplify its reach, industry recognition that validates its excellence, and a dedication to continuous product innovation. Notable achievements in 2023 include:

  • The one-year anniversary of LogRhythm Axon, a cloud-native SIEM platform that has transformed cybersecurity operations for organizations worldwide.
  • Recognition as the Globee Golden Bridge Awards’ Gold Winner in the Security Software Innovation category for LogRhythm Axon and SC Awards’ finalist in the Best SIEM Solution category.
  • Strategic partnerships with Trend Micro, Mimecast, Zscaler, Novacoast, Cimcor, and D3 Security.
  • Remarkable growth of LogRhythm Axon and reference customers throughout North America, Europe, and soon Asia Pacific region underscoring LogRhythm’s unwavering dedication to delivering advanced security solutions on a global scale tailored to unique regional requirements.

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