MaxDefense LLC Introduces Cybersecurity Transaction Advisory Services, Cyber-TAS, for Mergers & Acquisitions


MaxDefense LLC, a managed cybersecurity services provider, has launched a new cybersecurity due diligence offering, Cyber-TAS, aimed at private equity firms, investment bankers, transactional advisory firms, & business owners.  Cybersecurity due diligence is a critical piece of the overall risk assessment in mergers and acquisitions. With Cyber-TAS, MaxDefense enables buyers and sellers to avoid potential costly vulnerabilities through a target assessment of a company’s cybersecurity posture with a risk mitigation plan for any vulnerabilities, improving buyer confidence.

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Cyber-TAS features exhaustive assessments of any organization’s cybersecurity posture and strategy. These include documentation review related to best practices and industry standards, firewall review, network topology, framework guidance, penetration testing and web application scanning, dark web credential monitoring, end point protection including bring-your-own-device, 24/7/365 network monitoring and incidence response.

Cyber-TAS can be utilized in any industry or market, including technology (SaaS), finance, manufacturing, government contractors, fintech, healthcare, legal services, finance and private equity, multi-location restaurant, retail, business services, and industrial.