Medication Adherence Solution Using Thirdwayv Technology is Offered by CuePath’s Home Care Agency Partners.

Medication Adherence Solution Using Thirdwayv Technology is Offered by CuePath's Home Care Agency Partners.-01

CuePath Innovation and Thirdwayv today announced that CuePath has begun volume production of its home-healthcare solution for remote monitoring of patient medication adherence that features Thirdwayv’s built-in protections against today’s cybersecurity risks. CuePath has shipped its second-generation CueCare™ connected and protected medication adherence solutions to its home healthcare agency partners serving the U.S. and Canada.

Through its newly launched Innovator Program, CuePath’s high-performing home care agency partners integrate its medication adherence service into the care plans of their elderly clients. The Innovator Program has been launched by six branch locations representing two large, national home care agencies. CuePath has already shipped more than 50 of its Med Reminder Assistant devices to fulfill initial client subscription orders.

The World Health Organization reports that more than 50 percent of elderly adults do not take their medication as prescribed. A third of hospitalizations for this population are attributed to medication mismanagement. CuePath’s solution is effective at improving adherence in as few as four weeks. By improving medication adherence, the agency reduces their client churn and increases revenue. Double-digit annual revenue growth may be achieved within 12 months of starting the program.

“The healthcare industry increasingly relies on technology to improve patient outcomes and quality of life, but also must ensure patient security and the privacy of personal health information,” said Ken Piaggio, CuePath CEO. “We are very excited to be working with our Innovator Program partners as well as our technology partner Thirdwayv to make non-adherence to medications a thing of the past.”

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Security features are an integral part of CuePath’s suite of medication adherence monitoring products for remote patient care. Collaborating with Thirdwayv, CuePath has strengthened the security of communication links that are used between CuePath products in the home and the CuePath cloud service to improve overall performance and reduce counterfeiting risks. The system utilizes CuePath Certified Pharmacies to load and deliver blister packs to CuePath’s home care agency partners’ patients and then assists patients to follow the medication adherence regimen required by the prescribing physician. The CueCare™ system tracks when medications are taken or missed and if incorrect compartments are opened at the wrong time. When an intervention is needed, the system enables the caregiver team to engage directly with the patient to remedy the situation. Over time, the system can not only improve adherence but can also provide unique insights to the caregiver team and improve quality of life.

Thirdwayv is the leading provider of end-to-end connectivity and security solutions for IoT applications. The company’s solutions are used in safety-critical systems ranging from connected medical devices such as insulin pumps to healthcare inventory management solutions.

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