Merlin Cyber Announces Marketplace that Empowers U.S. Government with Simpler, More Flexible Way to Procure Cybersecurity Tools


Merlin Cyber, a public sector platform of cybersecurity solutions, technical expertise, and go-to-market acceleration, today announced the Merlin Interchangeable Nominal Tokens (MINT) marketplace. The MINT marketplace is designed to enable U.S. Federal, State, and Local Government agencies to redeem tokens for a broad array of cybersecurity tools and services that are public sector-ready and can be managed through a single online portal.

The U.S. Government is one of the largest consumers of cybersecurity solutions and represents one of the most complex go-to-markets globally. Rapidly evolving agency transformation initiatives, ever-changing cybersecurity threats, and changing regulatory and mission requirements are driving the need for agencies to access innovative cybersecurity solutions with greater flexibility than ever before. The MINT marketplace provides that simplicity and flexibility. Agencies can now purchase and manage public sector-ready cybersecurity solutions powered by the Merlin Cyber marketplace using exchangeable tokens.

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“Agencies need a way to be more agile in leveraging their investments, more responsive to the emerging threat landscape, and more flexible in being able to get the right products at the right time and the right scale,” said Julie Xiang, Chief Revenue Officer of Merlin Cyber. “Resources are also a big concern for many agencies. Bringing Merlin’s technical cybersecurity capabilities along with our 25 years of public sector experience into MINT enables us to put forth a wide array of best-in-class, public sector-ready cybersecurity offerings, all available under one program. MINT can help agencies accelerate their zero trust journeys to securing identities, devices, networks, applications, and data.”

In the MINT marketplace, one MINT equals one U.S. dollar. Agency program participants receive access to a secure portal where they can add tokens, redeem tokens, and review their purchasing history. The MINT marketplace is available beginning today by contacting Merlin Cyber at or through the following government contract vehicles:

  • DHS FirstSource II (#HSHQDC-13-D-00021)

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