MetricStream Launches New Innovations on M7 Integrated Risk Platform, Empowering Organizations to Accelerate Sustainable Growth with Risk-Aware Decisions


New innovations enable organizations to ensure integrity, resilience and brand reputation with the industry first integrated risk platform that is intelligent by design

MetricStream, the independent market leader in enterprise cloud applications for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), today announced the release of the latest version of its M7 Integrated Risk platform, with multiple innovations that will enable customers to adopt simple, agile and intelligent approaches to proactively address the changing workforce, risk, regulatory, and cybersecurity landscape.

Organizations today need to adapt to the expectations of a changing workforce, creating a culture of risk-aware decision making, inclusion and compliance to succeed in an environment where risk is permeating through all levels of the organization.  The volume and velocity of interconnected risks, and the increasing need for harmonization and aggregation, have made the involvement of frontline stakeholders critical to the proactive mitigation of risks. MetricStream’s innovations are designed to help address this challenge across the extended enterprise by enabling a modern integrated risk approach, powered by intelligence and frontline engagement.

As the world adapts to the New Normal with the changing workforce, most organizations have accelerated their digital transformation of GRC functions. The M7 Integrated Risk platform unites data, removes information silos, accelerates the efficiency of risk, compliance, and cyber risk programs, and serves as a single source of truth for real-time, risk-aware decision making

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“Risk is everyone’s business. Our customers have had to pivot and quickly adapt to ensure agility, resilience and performance,” said Andreas Diggelmann, Chief Technology Officer at MetricStream. “With our modern, integrated risk platform, all stakeholders including the frontline are empowered to participate in a risk-aware decision-making culture, to safeguard integrity and brand reputation, thereby accelerating sustainable business performance.”

New M7 Integrated Risk Platform innovations enhance an organization’s agility, resilience and performance with:

Frontline Engagement:

  • Observation Management: Engages frontline users to flag observations on potential risks, anomalies and deviations, empowering all stakeholders to make better, risk-aware decisions.
  • Case and Incident Management: Promotes a culture of compliance by providing a safe and secure way to report and investigate cases and incidents.
  • GRC Advisory: Enables the frontline to seek advice on risks and regulations, reducing time spent by compliance and risk functions on advisory services, ensuring that the business has understood and implemented the advice.

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Integrated Risk Platform Intelligent by Design:

  • AI Integration: Enhances GRC functions by enabling predictive intelligence with AI, Machine Learning.
  • Issue Analytics: Automatically categorizes issues, identifies similar issues, patterns and trends to prioritize actions
  • Smart Policy Search: Enables the frontline to quickly and easily discover the relevant policy information based on their “intent.”

Cyber Risk Quantification:

  • Enables quantification of cyber risks in dollar value, empowering the Board and C-level to accurately understand the risk exposure, prioritize and allocate investments, and meet regulatory requirements that need financial impact disclosures.

Intelligent Content Libraries:

  • Pre-built integration with provides a complete curated list of regulations and updates from 750+ regulatory sources.