Milton Security Announces 29-Day Proof of Value Trial in June

Milton Security Announces 29-Day Proof of Value Trial in June-01

Milton Security, a leading provider of Threat Hunting as a Service, XDR & MDR (MxDR) SOC Services, announced today that, for customers who sign up for the service in the month of June, the typical Proof of Value (POV) trial will include an additional 14 days of free monitoring in conjunction with the organization’s 14th anniversary.

The Milton Security POV is a 15-day trial designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of Milton Hunt Teams and Threat Models, within the context of an organization’s unique environment. In honor of the upcoming 14th anniversary of Milton Security, if an organization signs up for POV services during the month of June, that trial period will extend to 29 days – an additional 14 days.

“With all of the big cyber attacks in the news lately, such as the Colonial Pipeline, JBS, and now FUJIFILM attacks, security should be the top priority of every organization” said James McMurry, CEO of Milton Security. “We turn 14 this month – on June 17th, to be exact – and while 14 isn’t a ‘big year’ we wanted to celebrate by adding more value. Here at Milton, we take security seriously and there shouldn’t be a barrier to a protected network. By adding an additional 14 days to our free Proof of Value in honor of our 14th anniversary, we’re completely removing any hurdles that organizations might have to taking our services for a spin.”

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The Milton Security Proof of Value benefits include:


Real 24×7 Active Threat Hunting. Milton Security does not use 24×7 as a Marketing Term. So that means no 18×7 with 6-8 hour SLA’s. Milton Security brings visibility to your infrastructure and Security Posture.


Let’s face it – most IT teams are stretched thin with initiatives and projects. Most teams don’t have the bandwidth to dedicate time to actively hunt through the mass amount of event messages systems are generating. Until now.


What keeps you up at night? Would it be your AD infrastructure being compromised? Or a possible PII data leak. Being able to lay your head down at night or enjoy that weekend dinner with family is important and knowing that you have a 24×7 Incident Response team ready to assist at a moment’s notice. We give you peace of mind.

Eric Cowperthwaite, COO of Milton Security added, “I can’t believe we are turning 14 this month. We have so many exciting announcements coming this year that will add a ton of value for our clients. This extended POV trial for the month of June is just the start. With almost a full month of free MDR and Threat Hunting services and the visible increase in significant attacks in the news, you’d have to be crazy to pass this up. This is going to be an incredible year.”

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