MONITORAPP Brings Their AIWAF-VE to Microsoft Azure

MONITORAPP Brings Their AIWAF-VE to Microsoft Azure

MONITORAPP, Inc., a leading cybersecurity vendor ,is not only expanding their security solutions to the cloud, but to the market as well with listings on AWS and Microsoft Azure. MONITORAPP is bringing competitive pricing and various payment options, including licensing and pay-as-you-go options to help buyers utilize their extensive protection.

Their success with physical security appliances has led them to adapt their AIWAF (Application Insight Web Application Firewall) to the cloud with their AIWAF-VE (Virtual Edition).

While many infrastructures and applications are moving to the cloud, the threat of potential attackers comes with them. Cloud security is more important now than ever. MONITORAPP AIWAF-VE is a viable means of bringing comprehensive protection to the cloud.

MONITORAPP was founded in 2005 and has invested heavily into developing top-performing cybersecurity solutions over the last 16 years. Their success with physical appliances has led them to adapt the reliability and stability of their physical security appliances to the flexibility and ease of access to the cloud.

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AIWAF-VE provides strong protection against major web vulnerability attacks such as OWASP TOP10, application exploits, and web application-based DoS/DDoS attacks. This has helped MONITORAPP expand the reach of their industry-leading services to AWS and recently Microsoft Azure as well.

AIWAF-VE also helps protect against unknown threats. Working together with Application Insight Cloud Center (AICC) and machine learning systems, AIWAF-VE can defend against unknown attacks that cannot be blocked by firewalls alone and can seamlessly filter encrypted traffic.

Its TCP stack ensures high performance and reliable traffic handling and provides its own load balancing and health check without the need for a separate load balancer. This allows for efficient traffic handling for multiple web servers serving the same domain.

AIWAF-VE can be deployed by using the PAYG (Pay as You Go) plan through AWS or Microsoft Azure Marketplace, or by purchasing a license and deploying the BYOL (Bring Your Own License) plan on AWS. MONITORAPP is currently working on bringing their leading technology to GCP as well.

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