MorganFranklin Consulting and Nymion Collaborate to Deliver Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Services to Clients in Canada

MorganFranklin Consulting and Nymion Collaborate to Deliver Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Services to Clients in Canada-01

MorganFranklin Consulting, a leading finance, technology, and cybersecurity advisory firm that specializes in solving complex transformational challenges for its clients today announced that its Cybersecurity practice, and Nymion, a Montréal-based data privacy firm, have formed an alliance to offer comprehensive data privacy and cybersecurity solutions to clients in Montréal and across Québec.

The alliance will provide a variety of solutions for data privacy and security to meet stronger consumer protection under Québec’s Bill 64, which requires the public and private sectors to modernize personal information protection and privacy rights. The regulation also aligns the province with other Canadian data privacy laws, giving citizens full control of their personal information. Organizations violating this new policy could face fines of up to $25 million, or if greater, 4 percent of their worldwide income for the preceding fiscal year. Individuals affected by a data breach could also be entitled to a minimum of $1500 per person.

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“Organizations frequently focus on one aspect of security, leaving other parts of their business vulnerable. Viewing the complete picture with data privacy in mind is critical to strengthening overall security posture,” said Michael Welch, a managing director in MorganFranklin Consulting’s cybersecurity practice. “MorganFranklin Consulting’s collaboration with Nymion will provide specialized services previously untapped and empower our shared clients to protect their data and systems with the best talent in the market.”

As part of the alliance, MorganFranklin Consulting and Nymion will deliver comprehensive “cradle-to-compliance” data privacy strategies, technologies, and delivery solutions. The combined services will also include compliance assessments, architectural IT designs, deployments, and integrations. The Québec market has long sought these specialized services, and now Canadian companies will have localized technical subject matter experts and strategies to build essential programs that help better protect their employees and clients’ personal information.

“Designing blended data privacy and cybersecurity solutions is all about collaboration,” said Andrew Philippakis, managing partner, data privacy and technology advisor at Nymion. “Forging key partnerships with a global powerhouse like MorganFranklin Consulting allows Nymion to harness the strengths and abilities needed to meet the complex challenges facing our clients today. This partnership reinforces our commitment to offer best-in-class products with cradle-to-compliance turnkey solutions.”

Data privacy is widely recognized as one of the most important issues facing businesses and consumers over the next decade. It has become one of the defining social and cultural issues of society. Being able to control what information is protected extends from people to homes, businesses, communities, and entire governments. Pew Research recently reported that six in ten adults do not think it is possible to go through daily life without having data collected. In other research, only 10 percent of consumers feel like they have complete control over personal information. Increasingly, they are turning to the government and the business sector to safeguard their data.

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