NetWitness Introduces Comprehensive XDR for Next Generation Security

NetWitness Introduces Comprehensive XDR for Next Generation Security-01

NetWitness, globally trusted for its cybersecurity technology and incident response, today announced the NetWitness XDR. This is a family of products and features that provide comprehensive detection and response on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. This new service and product architecture provide the wide range of deployment schemes modern enterprises demand to meet their unique cybersecurity needs and use cases.

NetWitness XDR provides a solid feature set for enhanced detection and response (XDR) to help customers stay ahead of the most advanced cyberattacks. The contents are as follows.

  1. Unified collection, data, and visibility across multiple security layers
  2. Automatic data enrichment utilizing all technical and business sources
  3. Extensive detection technology toolset including advanced behavioral analysis and more
  4. External and internal threat intelligence that identifies known security risks and threat actors
  5. Contextual, visualization, and research tools that provide true insights
  6. Threat hunting tools and techniques for identifying threats that are not yet known
  7. Rebound and measurable incident investigation and response process
  8. Extensive options for both automatic and manned support

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Rohit Ghai, CEO of RSA and NetWitness, said: “NetWitness is trusted by some of the world’s most security-critical organizations because of our unique ability to monitor the entire attack surface across networks, endpoints, clouds, IoT, logs and more. We have been bringing XDR capabilities to the market for many years now, and we are pleased to announce new innovations in the platform and re-introduce it as NetWitness XDR. ”

Under this new model, NetWitness XDR consists of three major product lines that show unique and strong support for all XDR use cases. NetWitness Platform XDR 12 is the latest major release of the NetWitness Platform. This technology stack is typically deployed as customer-managed software or hosted by MSSP and has detection-focused enhancements that enable you to quickly identify threats and mitigate their impact. .. Our new cloud-native SaaS version will be named NetWitness Vision XDR and is currently in design preview. The third product line, NetWitness XDR Cloud Services, is a collection of optional SaaS applications that leverage the inherent flexibility of the cloud to provide flexible and cost-effective components, which with Platform XDR. It can be used as a complement to Vision XDR.

Kevin Bowers, Director of Product Management and Research, said: “Our network forward approach enables us to occupy an outstanding position in this emerging space, emphasizing NetWitness XDR’s ability to detect NetWitness XDR across an ever-growing number of customer systems and devices. We value the belief that XDR should be available on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrids. ”

Originally developed in 1996, NetWitness began as a government-sponsored research project, inspecting network packets to serve as a reference for cyber threats and tools for detecting and responding to them. Since then, the technology has continued to evolve and innovate to counter the most complex attacks of our time. NetWitness now fully integrates components for network, logging, endpoints, and IoT detection and response, which is the driving force behind its threat intelligence and security orchestration platform, NetWitness Orchestrator. With a long history and a global network of hubs, NetWitness XDR integrates directly with the world’s most important and most widely deployed tools and numerous professional and industry-specific solutions.

NetWitness XDR will be demonstrating Platform XDR and Vision XDR at its booth at this year’s RSA Conference.

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