Neuro-ID Introduces Smooth Identity Screening Products to Help Resolve the “Digital Identity Crisis”

Neuro-ID Introduces Smooth Identity Screening Products to Help Resolve the Digital Identity Crisis-01

Neuro-ID , a pioneer in behavior analysis , is today the best for digital organizations to screen and orchestrate large-scale identities (IDs). Introduced ID Crowd Alert ™ and ID Orchestrator ™, which enable enhanced fraud detection. These products work with identity platforms and enterprise customers that require the highest levels of identity screening, including KYC, AML, and fraud stacks, adding powerful new visibility to pre-submission behavioral data for identity. Improve your decision about.

Neuro-ID CEO Jack Alton said: “Recent news has highlighted a series of identity scams affecting both large and small businesses around the world. So far, behavioral visibility at crowd and applicant levels. It was not possible to maintain the right balance of fraud screening without compromising the excellent customer experience. Our two new products are a powerful combination that can address this imbalance. Crowd Alert provides the industry’s first predictive monitoring and alerting capabilities for fraudulent groups and BoT attacks, and ID Orchestrator products perform extensive identity screening at the applicant level with pre-submission behavior. Provides extensive visibility into the behavior of customers as they enter PII. These solutions protect the customer’s onboarding funnel, a valuable asset for businesses while preventing fraud-related losses. I will be able to do it. ”

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Identity platforms and corporate fraud prevention systems have already reached their limits, making it difficult to keep up with the increasing pace of fraud without disrupting customer experience or sales. According to a recent survey by Aite’Novarica 1 , 50% of financial institution compliance and AML managers cited false positives as their number one concern, followed by KYC / CCD onboarding (27%). Answered that it is an urgent issue. As a result, genuine applicants may be subject to further security screening, expensive manual screening, or be immediately rejected due to lack of data. This situation reduces the quality of the customer experience, leading to withdrawals and suboptimal conversion rates. Therefore, a digital identity crisis is occurring.

Alloy co-founder and CEO Tommy Nicholas said: “Neuro-ID’s new products provide a new level of intelligence to help our customers improve their identity verification orchestration. Risks hidden in pre-submission data through the lens of behavior. The ability to see does not rely on static data flow as in the past, which is an important new factor for our customers to consider when deciding how to deal with and deal with each customer. Will be. ”

Following the $ 35 million raised in a recent Series B round led by Canapi Ventures, these breakthrough products use patented behavior analysis and intent detection technology. Neuro-ID will continue to enhance the performance of legacy systems for fraud detection, identity orchestration, and customer experience optimization.

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