Nord Security, the umbrella company of NordVPN, joins the World Economic Forum

Nord Security_ the umbrella company of NordVPN_ joins the World Economic Forum-01

Nord Security, a family of digital privacy and security solutions, has joined the Centre for Cybersecurity, launched by the World Economic Forum. Alongside other global cybersecurity companies, Nord Security will accelerate the societal benefits of a secure digital world and participate in invaluable knowledge sharing within the sector.

The World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity is an independent and impartial global platform committed to fostering international dialogues and collaboration between the global cybersecurity community in both the public and private sectors. The focal points of the center are to build cyber resilience, strengthen global cooperation, and understand future networks and technology. Nord Security joining the Centre for Cybersecurity will not only benefit the World Economic Forum and its aims, but  it will also help Nord Security to further develop into an encompassing cybersecurity suite.

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Tom Okman, one of the co-founders of Nord Security, said, “As a global brand that has continuously advocated for greater online privacy and security, joining the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity marks the natural next step for us and our products. Nord Security has accumulated extensive cybersecurity experience that could provide valuable insights to this platform. But more importantly, we hope that, together with other members of the center, we will further boost the users’ trust and close cooperation between public and private stakeholders in the cybersecurity industry.”

“We are excited that Nord Security has joined the Centre for Cybersecurity. Their expertise will be a value add to ongoing projects on cyber resilience, governance and privacy,” said Alexander Klimburg, head of the Centre for Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum.

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