NordPass launches features to enhance cooperation with MSPs

On Friday, NordPass announced new functionalities to bolster partnerships with managed service providers (MSPs). These companies themselves can now use the password manager free of charge for the entire period they partner with NordPass and offer a 14-day free trial for their clients.

Allows free internal testing to support sales efforts

NordPass introduced its latest feature, Not for Resale (NFR), dedicated exclusively to MSPs. It allows partners to test out and use NordPass without being charged for as long as they collaborate with NordPass. The licenses provided to MSPs are meant for internal use only so that the providers can get a feel for NordPass Business and Enterprise plans that MSPs are selling to their customers. Partners should log in to their MSP Admin panel on the NordPass website to redeem these licenses.

“We regularly develop new features to serve our private customers and organizations. Therefore, daily usage of our product helps MSPs grasp how NordPass works. When you know the solution from the inside out, it is easier to be compelling in your efforts,” says Gerald Kasulis, VP of business and channel operations at NordPass.

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Creates additional value for MSPs’ clients

NordPass also provided MSPs with additional value to offer their clients. Businesses of any size — both corporations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) — can now get a 14-day trial of NordPass Business or Enterprise solutions when buying services from MSPs.

With the latest upgrade to the NordPass solution, MSPs can assign free trials in the Admin panel themselves when they create a new customer.

Why should businesses care about password management?

According to the Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report, using stolen credentials is the second biggest threat small businesses face. Kasulis, VP of business and channel operations at NordPass, says this comes as no surprise: most businesses underestimate the financial and reputational damage a cyberattack could cause and rarely take proper care of the company’s security online.

The latest research by NordPass shows that even high-level executives, such as C-level officials or business owners, have equally poor password habits as regular internet users. With passwords such as “123456,” “12345,” “password,” and “qwerty” winning the lists of the most common, people are giving out their credentials to hackers themselves, says Kasulis.

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