nVisium Announces Rapid Growth as Company Continues to Expand Capabilities in DevOps & Cloud Security

nVisium Announces Rapid Growth as Company Continues to Expand Capabilities in DevOps _ Cloud Security

nVisium, a leader in application security, today announced details on the company’s meteoric growth in acquiring, scaling, and expanding human capital across security engineering, customers and existing set of DevSecOps solutions. Additionally, the company is expanding capabilities across its developer training platform, DevSec Mentor, and managed service strategies.

Launched in July 2020, nVisium’s DevSec Mentor training platform was built to enable developers and security practitioners to enhance their full-stack secure coding practices.

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The training platform ensures that developers are current on the latest security assessment and technology innovations, allowing them to uncover and remediate security vulnerabilities in code, whether in business applications or infrastructure, prior to production. This year, nVisium has continued to invest in developing deep and immersive secure developer education for continued enhancement of DevSec Mentor.

nVisium is also expanding its cloud security solutions with modern tooling designed and built to tackle today’s increased migration to the cloud. nVisium’s seasoned team of security experts who have an extensive understanding of the cloud-native CI/CD landscape through a broad variety of consulting projects led the commercial development and release of this tooling from a practitioner’s lens.

“As application security and governance issues are increasingly shifting to the cloud, we believe nVisium holds the unique capabilities and experience necessary to address organizations’ cloud-native application security pain points,” said Jack Mannino, CEO, nVisium. “Our team has serious battle scars from over a decade of advising the largest and most complex software shops on the planet. In turn, we understand what your developers and engineers need to be successful to defend your enterprise against threat agents and attacks.”

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