NYNJA Takes a Stand on Privacy, In The Wake of Revelations About Privacy Policy Changes to Key Industry Communications Platforms

NYNJA Takes a Stand on Privacy

NYNJA, the security-first, all-in-one platform for all mission-critical communications needs, announced today in the wake of revelations about “privacy policy” changes to key industry communications platforms, that it remains diligent in the protection of its user’s data, and calls on other communications platform providers to commit to never sharing, selling, or exchanging user data.

Key communications platform players are updating their privacy policy, in the hope of collecting copious amounts of metadata related to user’s accounts such as their phone number, profile picture, usage patterns (features you use, groups you’ve joined, and status updates you share), and device data.

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“NYNJA never has, and never will share, sell, or exchange our user’s personal data,” said JR Guerrieri, Co-Founder and CEO, NYNJA Group. “Our data policy is pretty simple, your data should be yours, and it should be private! All these companies who exploit user data and play games with their privacy policies to squeeze out a few extra dollars at the expense of their users, will surely be on the wrong side of history. We’re calling for everyone in the communications platform space to put an end to these shameful practices.”

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