Nyxeia’s New .process Release Delivers Unprecedented Power to IT and Administrative Super-Users


Nyxeia, Inc. is proud to announce the latest release of the .process solution for Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow automation. The new release addresses feedback from customers adapting to higher processing volumes, tighter security requirements, and the need for greater self-sufficiency in monitoring and optimizing complex, multi-system workflow automation.

Key improvements included as part of the 8.5 release of .process include:

  • Improved performance and scalability: The latest release includes upgrades to underlying software components to support greater throughput, faster processing, and improved scalability. By investing in modernization and certification of core software components, Nyxeia is ensuring that .process keeps pace with the growth in processing volume.
  • Enhanced security protection: Today’s cybersecurity threat environment is one of growing complexity and importance. This latest release includes database and application server upgrades that bring mission-critical safeguards to protect sensitive customer information.

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  • Powerful new administrative and developer features: Agile organizations rely on a high level of self-sufficiency for their IT teams. The new .process release includes end-to-end features to allow IT administrators to identify, diagnose, and resolve issues with workflow automations that previously required developer support. These features provide IT with the ability to transparently monitor and refine even the most complex multi-system workflow automations.

Nyxeia CEO JD Sillion noted that “.process has enjoyed an exceptionally loyal customer base, with some customers utilizing the solution for more than a decade. This release demonstrates our commitment to stay at the leading edge of BPM innovation and remain responsive to customer feedback. Nyxeia is focused on ensuring that our customers get a strong return on their technology investment for years to come.”