Obsidian Security Announces New SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) Solution

Obsidian Security Announces New SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) Solution

Obsidian Security, the leader in SaaS security, today announced the release of its latest suite of SaaS security solutions. This suite of solutions, which includes Obsidian Compliance Posture Management TM , Obsidian Integration Risk Management TM , and Obsidian Extend TM will enable security and GRC teams to significantly improve their SaaS security and compliance posture.

“For too long, security and RCMP teams have worked in the dark. Security officials keep telling us that they have no control over their ever-expanding network of SaaS applications and fear that each new onboarding will lead to an exponential increase in organizational risk,” said Glenn Chisholm, Chief Product Officer of Obsidian Security. “Furthermore, GRC and compliance teams today lack fundamental tools and often take months to gather the necessary SaaS evidence to demonstrate and verify compliance with local and industry regulations.”

Additionally, despite sharing the same overarching goal of keeping the business running smoothly, security and GRC teams lack a common language to communicate and collaborate with. Obsidian Security’s next-generation platform aims to change that by filling a void in the market that has remained underinvested for the past decade with the first set of deeply integrated solutions; these will enable organizations to reduce the risk of integrating third-party SaaS services by more than 80% and map SaaS technical controls to meet regulatory requirements faster by 90%.

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Obsidian’s next-gen SSPM will include three key modules:

  • Obsidian Compliance Posture Management which enables enterprises to assess and maintain compliance of their SaaS environments against internal security policies and third party standards including SOC 2, NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM ), and many others. By combining complex frameworks with separately manageable SaaS controls, Obsidian makes it clear to teams on an ongoing basis that the applications their business relies on are compliant with the legal and regulatory obligations they must meet. On average, customers can expect to reduce the cost and complexity associated with SaaS compliance from months to minutes.
  • Obsidian Integration Risk Management which surfs on the risk exposure generated by SaaS integrations and allows security teams to minimize this risk by more than 80%. It starts with a deep understanding of the complex interconnections between applications, mapping permissions and different levels of access, analyzing onboarding activity, and uncovering areas of excessive risk.
    Obsidian Integration Risk Management is the industry’s first solution to provide security teams with not only visibility into their integrations across SaaS, but also automatically remediate third-party SaaS integration threats in real-time with remediation policies. centrally defined security.
  • Obsidian Extend Today, security teams struggle to protect sensitive enterprise data in an IT ecosystem that includes dozens of SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Workday, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365. This challenge is not limited either more to these central platforms as there can be many niche cloud applications deployed within an organization, specific to a team, industry or custom developed in-house.
    Obsidian Extend solves this problem by providing a consolidated, automated and scalable solution that allows companies to assess and control security risks across their entire IT infrastructure in SaaS mode.

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