OneLogin Supports Thousands of CMS Employees in Seamless Transition towards Remote Working

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As the remote workforce grows exponentially, OneLogin provides support to CMS, one of the world’s biggest law firms in remaining security conscious while remote

OneLogin, a global leader in identity and access management, recently announced a successful transition of over 8,000 CMS employees into remote working. CMS is a leading global law firm that offers full-service legal and tax advice and has more than 70 offices in over 40 countries across the world.

As the recent 2020 Covid-19 State of Remote Work Survey Report discovered, the remote working landscape is fraught with difficulty, with almost 30% of respondents globally suggesting they had received no security guidelines for remote working. Through OneLogin’s cloud-based portal, employees from across all 17 CMS member firms were able to efficiently and securely access central services – such as Slack, Office 365 and Dropbox – while addressing unique compliance and regulatory needs.

“Our member firms continue using their local identity providers but we can be confident about secure access to commonly used resources,” shared Hélder Santos, Director of Digital & Information Technology at CMS Legal Services, CMS’s central service unit. “OneLogin helped us ensure easy, secure access to global resources, even as our employees started working from home. We could not have enabled this with our custom SSO application.”

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CMS Legal Services had initially deployed OneLogin as a replacement to the custom single sign-on (SSO) app which struggled to adapt to CMS’s ever-growing and complex operations. This is of particular concern from a remote working perspective: OneLogin’s Remote Work Survey Report also found that 30% of respondents had had an online account compromised since beginning remote working.  What’s more, with member firms located in various geographical locations, the team often faced a mix of compliance and regulatory hurdles – including the use of their own identity providers. In this way, impeding their adoption of new tools and products.

With the help of OneLogin, CMS Legal Services was able to overcome these challenges. Employees simply had to enrol their devices on to the OneLogin Cloud Directory and create a secure profile. From there, employees only sign in once, with multi-factor authentication, to access over 6000 pre-integrated apps and websites. As OneLogin utilizes a federated SSO, once an employee has logged in to the portal, token signifying authentication is passed along to other apps and websites of every member firm. Regardless of how many identity providers are used, OneLogin chains their SAML responses so that they function as one.

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As CMS Legal Services continues expanding trust between OneLogin and CMS member firms’ local identity providers, “OneLogin will act like a broker so that it appears to users as if they’re accessing a local resource,” explains Santos.

On top of this, OneLogin has helped:

  • Achieve swift SSO app responses
  • Significantly reduce the time spent on SSO app maintenance
  • Support workers outside the office
  • Safeguard the app from the newest security threats

As a result of OneLogin’s services, CMS employees experience no disruptions when accessing critical applications as they work remotely.