OneTrust Acquires DocuVision’s to Expand Automated Data Redaction

OneTrust Acquires DocuVision's Redacted ai to Expand Automated Data Redaction

OneTrust today announced the acquisition of DocuVision Inc. and its solution to expand OneTrust automated data redaction capabilities. The combined technology – OneTrust Data Redaction – is available today and helps privacy, legal, and information security teams find, redact, and protect sensitive and personal information in documents and emails. OneTrust Data Redaction, integrated into the OneTrust privacy, security, and data governance platform, completes the first fully automated data subject rights (DSAR) workflow including intake, ID verification, discovery, redaction, and secure response.

Many of the world’s privacy laws give individuals the right to make requests about their data, such as the right to access under the GDPR and CCPA. Organizations must redact other’s personal information and sensitive corporate information before providing the requested information to the requestor.

The combination of OneTrust Data Redaction and OneTrust’s DSAR Automation technology integrates advanced data redaction to fully automate the DSAR process with deep data discovery, redaction, ID verification, and secure communication technologies.

In addition to DSAR automation, OneTrust Data Redaction brings enterprise data redaction capabilities into the OneTrust platform to support use cases such as litigation or M&A disclosures and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Vendors, such as file storage systems, virtual data room companies, eDiscovery products, and case management solutions, can also partner with to add intelligent redaction capabilities into their offering.

DocuVision, Inc. was founded by Alexander CraigMahmoud Hafez, and Rama Veeraragoo in 2019 and investors include UC Berkeley SkyDeck, the Oxford Angel Fund, the Oxford Seed Fund, Colin Harris, founder and CEO of PMC Sierra and mentor at startup accelerator CDL, and Twitter cofounder, Biz Stone.

“As we expand the OneTrust platform, we know enhanced data redaction technology is critical to delivering on advanced use cases like fully automated DSAR functionality,” said Kabir Barday, OneTrust CEO and Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP).

“We looked at the market and it was clear was the best technology to solve the data redaction problem at scale. We’re excited to have the team as a part of OneTrust and see the power of our combined platform serving as a critical component to our broader privacy management platform with a strong enterprise data redaction solution.”

“’s automatic detection of sensitive information lets customers transform their existing redaction processes and enables novel ways to protect sensitive information in the organization,” said Rama Veeraragoo, cofounder and CEO, and OneTrust Data Redaction Offering Manager.

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“With OneTrust Data Redaction we can vastly accelerate our product innovation to help customers improve their business processes, privacy, and security. We are excited to join OneTrust to boost this shared mission.”

“Over the last decade, we’ve been successful in using modern technical advancements in natural language processing and Computer Vision to really understand text at scale,” said Alexander Craig, cofounder and CTO, and OneTrust Director of Engineering. “We’re excited to join OneTrust to pursue that shared vision to understand data at an even more granular level.”

“Our mission from the beginning was to build a platform that gives every company a simple way to protect their sensitive data,” said Mahmoud Hafez, cofounder and Head of Product, and OneTrust Director of Product Management. “We have spent our entire careers obsessing over every detail to make sure the product is easy to use. Joining the leader in privacy, security, and governance, allows us to achieve that mission.”

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