OneTrust Announces Certification Automation For Scalable, Simplified, & Streamlined Information Security Compliance

OneTrust Announces Certification Automation For Scalable, Simplified, & Streamlined Information Security Compliance

OneTrust, the market-defining leader for trust intelligence, introduces OneTrust Certification Automation to the OneTrust ecosystem. As managing information security compliance and audits becomes increasingly difficult, OneTrust Certification Automation helps reduce the time and effort required to achieve compliance. The solution brings together automation, pre-built policies and controls for 29 industry frameworks, more than 100 integrations, and tailored guidance from OneTrust expert auditors to streamline and simplify the compliance and audit process.

“Many infosecurity teams are in a state of “compliance fatigue,” managing manual and repetitive compliance activities when they’re already stretched thin. Yet, we found up to 60 percent of the work done for internal compliance is often duplicative, and more than half of evidence tasks can be fully automated by integrating into existing tech stacks,” said Cliff Huntington, General Manager, OneTrust GRC and Security Assurance Cloud. “We designed OneTrust Certification Automation to help organizations do more with less while maturing their compliance program. By breaking down complex requirements into actionable tasks along a guided workflow, teams can centrally manage their compliance portfolio, remain agile with changing requirements, continuously source evidence via integrations with their tech stack, and avoid surprises and false positives to achieve compliance in a fraction of the time.”

OneTrust Certification Automation brings together automation, functional capabilities, compliance content, expert guidance, pre-built integrations, and an intuitive user experience to help organizations simplify and streamline their information security compliance programs:

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  • Reduce duplicative work: Teams can test once, comply many. OneTrust’s proprietary shared evidence framework driven by expert-vetted content seamlessly removes duplication and complexity across more than 29 published frameworks and a business’ common controls.
  • Save time and boost program efficiency: With access to more than 100 pre-configured integrations with widely used business apps and cloud infrastructure, teams can automate up to 50 percent of evidence collection. The intuitive user experience and workflow deliver a frictionless business engagement to collect timely and complete evidence.
  • Maintain compliance best practices across the organization: A centrally managed compliance portfolio enables visibility across multiple frameworks and ensures consistency across multiple business scopes. Teams can leverage interconnected policies and common controls to help maintain continuity and reduce work, as well as seamlessly track framework versions and updates across implemented controls and planned compliance initiatives.
  • Fast-track audits: Teams can maintain a central system of record for the compliance program that matches audit outcomes. A user-friendly auditor portal enables users to collaborate, track progress, and fulfill evidence requests in significantly less time than legacy auditor methods.

OneTrust Certification Automation is a part of the OneTrust GRC and Security Assurance Cloud which helps companies protect operations, remain resilient, and make risk-informed decisions. Governance and policy management, IT risk and security assurance, third-party risk, and audit and compliance management solutions enable organizations to holistically and effectively manage operations in the face of continuous threats.

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