OnSolve Announces New Brand Identity and Critical Event Management Platform Innovation

OnSolve Announces New Brand Identity and Critical Event Management Platform Innovation

OnSolve, a leading critical event management provider for enterprises, small-to-medium sized organizations, and government entities, today announced significant momentum with a brand relaunch and the roll out of a new platform integration engine, which adds more than 450 out-of-the-box integrations to customers’ existing physical security, business continuity, and IT management ecosystems.

In 2020, the company added ~450 new enterprise and government customers, such as Cincinnati Bell and Penske, and grew bookings by 45 percent. With its AI-powered risk intelligence and platform innovation, OnSolve is empowering customers through speed, relevance and usability to deliver true actionable intelligence during a crisis, ultimately keeping people safe and protecting their organizations.

OnSolve’s new brand identity symbolizes its resolve to enable customers to meet current and future challenges with the expertise and mission-critical technology that saves lives and creates true organizational resiliency.

This includes a new logo and visual identity that will be implemented across all OnSolve channels including its website, social media platforms, sales and marketing materials, and customer touchpoints.

“The need to better manage uncertainty is more critical than ever to saving lives and protecting organizations,” said Mark Herrington, CEO, OnSolve. “Our customers turn to OnSolve to help them navigate today’s uncertainty.

Our AI-powered platform and relaunched brand underscore our relentless commitment to empowering organizations with technology that delivers insight, resilience and continuity during a crisis – keeping people safe, informed, assured and productive when it matters most.”

“Our partnership with OnSolve is essential to building a more resilient employee community at athenahealth,” said Bridger McGaw, Director, Global Security & Services, athenahealth. “When COVID-19 hit, we felt more prepared than other companies our size because we had a trusted, tested, easy-to-use, cloud-based critical event management platform in place to communicate with our employees ahead of an incident, as well as the ability to gauge the impact of localized COVID-19 outbreaks across our dispersed workforce.”

Next-Generation Risk Intelligence and Platform Innovation
The OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management (CEM) offers a fully integrated suite of products: OnSolve Risk Intelligence, Critical Communications and Incident Management. At the core of the platform is Risk Intelligence. Its powerful AI engine uses machine learning to ingest thousands of verified data sources, identify the most critical events facing an organization and deliver these alerts to the right people at the right time – far faster than human analysts.

OnSolve’s next-generation risk intelligence capabilities, coupled with foundational critical communications innovation and incident management, enables organizations to:

  • Bypass human analysis using an AI engine, so customers or in-house analysts can communicate faster and quickly activate crisis response plans
  • Filter out irrelevant data, so staff can monitor only the critical events that matter most to their people, places and property
  • Target alerts to the right people immediately to enable informed, proactive decisions
  • Identify active incidents at a glance, improving response times and enabling customers to activate their business continuity plans and virtually collaborate in real time, from any location

The OnSolve Platform for CEM has also rolled out new integration capabilities this year through its OnSolve integration engine. The OnSolve integration engine paves the way for customers to seamlessly take advantage of more than 450 out-of-the-box integrations for their existing physical security, business continuity/business resiliency and IT management ecosystems. Through the OnSolve integration engine, customers can instantly orchestrate tasks such as wellness checks and alerts to impacted areas; disable building access; and even trigger appropriate tests based on sensor data such as temperature drops, water levels, electrical current detection or gunshot/monitor detection.

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A Year of Growth and Transformation
OnSolve experienced a banner year of momentum in 2020, with 45 percent growth in bookings. New customers, market-leading recognition and accreditation and strategic leadership changes underscore the company’s success in helping organizations better manage uncertainty and crises:

  • OnSolve was recognized in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Emergency/Mass Notification Services Solutions report; and for the third year in a row, the company was awarded two ASTOR awards: Best Mass Notification System and Best Risk and Crisis Management Product.
  • As a testament to its excellence in risk and compliance for federal agencies and the public sector, OnSolve was listed on the FedRAMP marketplace and also achieved HIPAA security audit compliance, enabling the company to sign business associate agreements with healthcare institutions as needed.
  • To support its growth and evolution, OnSolve created new leadership roles and departments in 2020. Ann Pickren assumed the role of Chief Customer Officer to oversee the critical adoption and implementation of the OnSolve Platform by our existing customer base. The company created a new function focused on enhancing alliances, partnerships and channel relationships, led by Vice President of Global Security Solutions Matt Bradley, a 14-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Most important, however, is the life-saving role OnSolve solutions continue to play. Its critical communications technology sent billions of notifications, helped to find more than 3,500 missing persons and supported nearly 30,000 customers via capabilities in over 190 countries worldwide.

Nearly 200 communities are currently using OnSolve to manage information sharing related to COVID-19 vaccine deployment, with more than 640,000 messages sent to date and growing every day.