Oosten Digital Securities Are Now Listed on MERJ EXCHANGE for Secondary Trading

Oosten Digital Securities Are Now Listed on MERJ EXCHANGE for Secondary Trading (1)

UPRETS is seeking to digitalize real estate to empower fractional real estate investment. Oosten Digital Securities (“OST-1”) has now officially listed on the live, multi-market, end-to-end MERJ Exchange (“MERJ”), accessible to modern global investors.

“We’re excited to work with MERJ to provide more flexibility for real estate digital securities,” said the UPRETS team. “We share MERJ’s focus on global trading of digital assets.” UPRETS is dedicated to bringing technological expertise to enable additional liquidity to this market by maximizing access to OST-1 to eligible investors.

UPRETS Technology Helps Enable Digital Investment in Oosten

UPRETS is employing a protocol based on the Xbolt consortium blockchain to pursue the digitalization of the securities representing limited partnership interests of UPRETS Oosten I LP. Each digital security is defined by smart contracts, while representing partial ownership in certain units at the Oosten property, a 216-unit complex in the heart of Brooklyn developed by NYSE-listed conglomerate Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (NYSE: XIN).

To further simplify the process of raising capital, UPRETS provides technical solutions to enable issuers to offer digital securities through a global exchange ecosystem that will be more feasible, universal and investor-centric. These steps seek to reduce friction and bring liquidity to currently hard-to-trade assets. Now that Oosten Digital Securities are listed on MERJ, these investments are made more readily accessible to qualified accredited investors.

Securities Exchanges Further Strengthen the Liquidity of Real Estate Properties

MERJ supports global issuers of securities, digital assets and hybrid instruments through the entire asset life cycle from issuance to trading, clearing, settlement and registry. It operates a fair and transparent marketplace in accordance with the laws, and in line with international best practice and principles of operations of financial markets.

With MERJ, the Oosten Digital Securities are available to investors with a user-friendly registration procedure and compliance check. Its global users can now have access to a potential revenue stream from rental income through the ownership of OST-1.

OST-1 Sales on MERJ Marks A New Era of Real Estate Secondary Trading

The Oosten Digital Securities’ listing on MERJ aims to make real estate assets more liquid, an important first step in the illiquid multi-trillion dollar asset market. UPRETS team hopes to revolutionize access to real estate through digitalization and believes that this financial trading of digital assets on MERJ will help expedite a new way of real estate investment.