OpenSSF Adds 13 New Members Committed to Expand the Security of the Open Source Software Supply Chain


The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) a cross-industry organization hosted at the Linux Foundation that brings together the world’s most important software supply chain security initiatives, today announced 13 new members from leading financial services, technology, employment, software development, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and academic sectors.

New premier member, Capital One, joins the OpenSSF Governing Board. New general member commitments come from Akamai, Indeed, Kasten by Veeam, Scantist, SHE BASH, Socket Security, Sysdig, Timesys, and ZTE Corporation. New associate members include Eclipse Foundation, Purdue University, and TODO Group. “We are excited to welcome new members to the OpenSSF,” says Brian Behlendorf, General Manager of OpenSSF. “As open source software security vulnerabilities continue to draw attention from governments and businesses around the world, interest in the work of the OpenSSF has been rapidly increasing.”

“A growing community of organizations, developers, researchers, and security professionals are investing the time and resources needed to strengthen open source security,” said Jamie Thomas, OpenSSF Board Chair and IBM Enterprise Security Executive. “New members of OpenSSF are joining at a time when cross-industry collaboration and innovation are needed more than ever to proactively respond to pervasive cybersecurity threats”

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Resolving the systemic issues that led to major security vulnerabilities like the log4shell incident emphasizes the urgency and importance of the work of OpenSSF. A recent Cyber Safety Review Board report declared that Log4j has become an “endemic vulnerability” that will be exploited for years to come and that the 10-point mobilization plan introduced earlier this year at the Open Source Software Security Summit II by the OpenSSF will improve the resiliency and security of open source software.

OpenSSF will host a full day of sessions on Tuesday, September 13th at OpenSSF Day EU on the eve of Open Source Summit Europe (OSS EU) in Dublin. Working Group leaders and community members will host sessions, panels, and fireside chats about ongoing work to secure the software supply chain and the future of open source security. Registration and attendance are free for all those attending the OSS EU.

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