Origina Appoints Cybersecurity Leader to Head of Security Services

Origina Appoints Cybersecurity Leader to Head of Security Services

Origina, the only provider of third-party IBM software support and value-added services, today announced the appointment of Ben Lipczynski to its newly created Head of Security Services position. Lipczynski will play an integral role in further developing the company’s cybersecurity capabilities and delivering a proactive, layered approach to IBM software security.

Lipczynski is a seasoned systems engineer and cybersecurity consultant who has a 17-year track record in leading technical teams and process innovation. Formerly of Deloitte, Accenture, and Ernst & Young, Lipczynski will apply his experience in working with Fortune 500 companies’ security strategies to Origina’s expanding list of security services.

“Origina is continuing to invest heavily in its Service Innovation program to ensure that we build a service offering that aligns with our customer goals to extend the longevity of their IBM software investments,” Rowan O’Donoghue, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Origina, said.

“I’m delighted to welcome Ben to the Origina family. Today’s announcement marks another key milestone in our journey to remain the world leader for IBM third-party support and maintenance by delivering increased value over the standard vendor break/fix offering.”

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Security is a natural concern for many customers and Lipczynski’s impressive background in cybersecurity will advance the development of Origina’s security team and associated solutions, which include:

  • Service transition reviews
  • Product hardening guides
  • Vulnerability advisories
  • Virtual patching
  • Entitled security patches

“It’s an exciting time to join Origina and to further evolve the company’s unique security offerings, which enable customers to unlock greater value from their IBM products with measured risk,” Lipczynski said.

“With Origina’s client-focused service, customers get the direct access to IBM and security experts they need to incorporate a risk-focused approach specific to their environment. This approach enables the customer to look beyond the assumption a patch or upgrade alone will mitigate security risk to an acceptable level.”

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