Ostendio Expands MyVCM Auditor Connect Marketplace with A-LIGN Partnership


Ostendio Inc., a leading provider of integrated risk management software, and A-LIGN, a security and compliance provider, today announced that A-LIGN is joining the MyVCM Auditor Connect™ marketplace offering customers more choices in their third party security and risk management audit firms.

MyVCM Auditor Connect reinvents the audit process, rendering spreadsheets, third party file shares and storage devices effectively obsolete. MyVCM Auditor Connect brings the auditor and customer together on one platform where they can share real-time evidence in a secure location. Unlike previous methods of conducting audits, Ostendio MyVCM provides access to evidence and documents that are always available, easy to update, and optimized for collaboration. Customers being audited can track progress in real-time and the increased collaboration and efficiency can save both auditors and customers in both time and cost.

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“MyVCM Auditor Connect marketplace is already changing the way security auditors and customers work together. It is a significant step forward in modernizing an outdated process,” said Grant Elliott, CEO and Chairman of Ostendio. “We are pleased that A-LIGN is joining the marketplace and connecting with customers who are looking for forward-thinking, professional security and compliance firms to handle their audit process.”

By joining the MyVCM Auditor Connect marketplace, A-LIGN will be able to provide prospective clients clear and transparent pricing based on client-specific needs and engage with clients directly in the platform. Throughout the entire audit process, Ostendio MyVCM will manage relevant documents and simplify future audits by maintaining relevant company information securely.

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The number of data breaches and the theft of personal information continues to increase and companies are realizing that securing data and being able to demonstrate that compliance with international standards is a business imperative. Certifications such as SOC 2, HITRUST, and FedRAMP are gaining in popularity as they set standards for compliance. Government regulations such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California have also increased the awareness of the need for data privacy.