OVHcloud® US Enhances and Expands Hosted Private Cloud Offering


New Premier Product Line Delivers Compelling Performance While Continuing to Provide Customers the Security, Reversibility, and Price Predictability They Value

OVHcloud US, a leading cloud infrastructure provider for small-to-medium business (SMB) and enterprise customers and a subsidiary of global cloud leader OVHcloud, today announced the launch of its new Premier hosted private cloud product line. The release of Premier follows the company being named a “strong performer” by Forrester in the “Hosted Private Cloud North America, Q2 2020 Wave” report issued in June, extending OVHcloud US’s product leadership.

“As enterprises transfer more assets to the cloud, demand for our hosted private cloud services continues to rapidly rise, and our solutions must keep pace,” said Jeffrey Gregor, General Manager of OVHcloud US. “The launch of the Premier line on the heels of our Forrester recognition demonstrates our commitment to accelerate the rate at which we innovate and deploy new products to market to best satisfy the needs of our customers.”

Like its hosted private cloud predecessor, Premier offers a wider range of options that feature more RAM, greater bandwidth, and more capacity on full solid-state disc data stores that offer even better performance while addressing the size and scalability requirements of SMBs and enterprises alike. Premier meets the needs of companies running operation-critical environments or intensive workloads that already have moved to the cloud or are in the midst of a full or partial migration, be it for disaster recovery, to extend their data centers, or to account for peak spikes and cloud bursting.

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OVHcloud US hosted private cloud Premier leverages the VMware platform and comes complete with VMware vSphere® with vCenter®, NSX®, and vRealize® Operations. With OVHcloud Connect, companies that already rely on VMware can choose Premier and optimally balance their on-premises and cloud-based operations in a seamless transition.

In addition to compelling product features, Premier customers reap the following benefits, many of which are unique to OVHcloud:

  • Price Predictability and Transparency – No hidden fees, and no ingress or egress fees.
  • Reversibility and Flexibility – An open, standards-based architecture means businesses can build their freedom in the cloud, with no cloud vendor lock-in and the opportunity for multi-cloud deployments.
  • Reliability and Value – The company builds and owns the vast majority of its global infrastructure, from the bare metal servers that form the foundation of Premier hosts to its 30 data centers on 4 continents to the 20 terabits per second fiber-optic network that connects everything together for a vertically integrated infrastructure that works and performs.
  • Innovation and Automation – vRack technology allows private-network communication between customer servers housed in geographically dispersed data centers; DDoS protection technology comes standard and mitigates and eliminates threats before they affect performance; liquid cooling technology improves data center and server performance, protects the environment, and keeps costs down; and fault management technology identifies potential trouble and replaces hosts, without human intervention, before customer impact.

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  • Security and Trust – Nothing is more important than protecting customers’ assets; OVHcloud infrastructure certifications, attestations, and compliance programs include SSAE SOC1, SOC2, and SOC3; ISO 27001; PCI DSS; HIPAA; and GDPR.

Customers can purchase hosted private cloud Premier today. Pricing starts at $609 per month per host, with no long-term contracts. OVHcloud US offers even more aggressive pricing based on volume and commitment level.