Pango Group Taps Paul Miskovich to Lead its Global Cyber Insurance Solutions Business

Pango Group Taps Paul Miskovich to Lead its Global Cyber Insurance Solutions Business-01

Pango Group, today announced the hiring of cyber insurance executive and industry veteran Paul Miskovich to lead its global cyber insurance solutions business. Pango, an Aura company, is a world-class provider of consumer-focused cyber security services including post-breach identity monitoring, remediation and restoration. The Pango portfolio of services, whose technology is trusted by millions who seek services to address their most urgent cybersecurity needs, include Financial Shield, Identity Defense, Intrusta, Betternet, VPN 360, Ultra VPN, HotSpot Shield and more.

Paul Miskovich joins Pango Group as its Head of Global Cyber Solutions. Prior to joining Pango Group, Mr. Miskovich has held insurance leadership roles as Chief Underwriting Officer at Evertas, Group Head of Cyber at ARGO Group, and Global Head of Cyber at AXIS Capital. He has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry preceded by 10 years of experience in engineering and IT in the telecommunications and the defense industries.  Mr. Miskovich is also a licensed attorney in New York and New Jersey as well as a licensed Property & Casualty broker.

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“Paul has an extensive and accomplished insurance background with deep knowledge of cyber risk, insurance operations, and claims handling,” said Jerry Thompson, Executive Vice President, Pango Group.  “This leadership role will enable us to strengthen our product offering and support the momentum we have with respect to our highest strategic priorities: building the world’s leading portfolio of consumer cyber security solutions and positioning Pango for long-term sustainable profitability.”

The cyber insurance market is a new distribution vertical for Pango to provide its consumer-focused cyber security services.

“Pango’s goal is to offer technology solutions that continue to evolve and enhance the effectiveness of identity monitoring and remediation,” said Miskovich.  “The potential harm to individuals arising from data compromise is increasing as our economy moves toward becoming fully digitized, yet cyber insurance policies have changed their incident response solutions very little, and Pango is prepared to fill that gap.”

Mr. Thompson added: “Paul is one of the most accomplished and respected cyber insurance professionals in the industry and serving in this role will further strengthen our focus on portfolio positioning.”

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