PC.Solutions.Net offers Enterprise Security to SMBs

PC.Solutions.Net offers Enterprise Security to SMBs
PC.Solutions.Net offers Enterprise Security to SMBs

PC.Solutions.Net (PCSN), a Houston based managed services provider in the IT industry brings their proprietary security offering to small/medium sized businesses.

Companies considering switching to cloud computing are faced with many challenges. One of the challenges is how to secure your intellectual property while in a public cloud infrastructure.

PCSN has developed some technologies that not only allow secure connectivity from any device but brings this technology at a price point that small businesses can afford. This technology levels the playing field for startups and companies with smaller budgets compared to some of the larger enterprises who have exclusively enjoyed such technologies in the past.

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Being a Microsoft partner for over 25 years, PCSN has developed technology that not only enhances security but really brings the any device, anywhere connectivity to SMBs. Nadeem Azhar of PCSN says, “Many companies, especially in the SMB space, are reluctant to move to the cloud because of the concern that cloud technology is not secure or is unaffordable. This is no longer the case. A properly designed infrastructure in the cloud is more secure and reliable than on-prem setup.”

This technology not only makes SMBs more competitive, but also levels the playing field.

“This project came out of our skunk works labs and, true to form, we’ve been able to commercialize this technology for everyone to be able to take advantage of. It’s now part of our technology stack and brings additional value to our customers in the 20-50 user space,” says Nadeem Azhar the owner of PC.Solutions.Net.

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