Peraton Hires Andrew Hallman as VP, National Security Strategy and Integration

Peraton Hires Andrew Hallman as VP_ National Security Strategy and Integration-01

Peraton has appointed Andrew Hallman, former Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Principal Executive and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Deputy Director for Digital Innovation, as vice president, National Security Strategy and Integration, effective May 9, 2022. In this new role Hallman will lead the company’s efforts to build, test, and execute transformative intelligence programs from concept through operations.

Hallman will be a principal contributor to Peraton’s enterprise-level strategy for current and future intelligence business, specifically focusing on the creation of strategies to integrate intelligence missions and capabilities across organizations and agencies. He will also contribute to Peraton’s ability to support critical government needs related to technology-enabled intelligence operations and the transformation of systems across the Intelligence Community (IC).

Hallman will be charged with developing and orchestrating a bold vision and strategy for Peraton’s progressive intelligence programs and will help drive business growth that leverages both Peraton’s unique technical capabilities and emerging technologies and commercial ventures available to the company.

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“Andrew is truly a national asset,” said Stu Shea, Peraton’s chairman, president and CEO. “He is a rare breed with a tremendous command of the complex national security issues facing our nation and understands the critical interdependencies between customer mission, technology, government policy, and national budget priorities.”

A recognized national security leader, Hallman has spent his entire career at the forefront of global national security issues and innovation in intelligence collection.

“As he’s proven throughout his career, Andrew can create and lead broad, multi-disciplinary teams attacking emerging intelligence issues,” said Shea. “His contributions will be immediately accretive to Peraton’s continued success and help us to further differentiate ourselves from traditional competitors in the national security market.”

Over 33 years at the CIA, in addition to serving as Deputy Director for Digital Innovation, responsible for accelerating the integration of digital and cyber capabilities across all of CIA’s mission areas, Hallman also served as Deputy Director of Intelligence for Strategic Programs, Director of the Office of Transnational Issues, and Director of the Office of Iraq Analysis.

During his time at ODNI, which culminated as Principal Executive for acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, Hallman also served as the Assistant Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Intelligence Integration and as President Barack Obama’s intelligence briefer.

Hallman earned his Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs Management from Michigan State University and his Master of Arts in International Affairs from American University School of International Service.

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