PiiQ Media Launches PQ-SPEAR to Combat Socially Engineered Cybersecurity Attacks

PiiQ Media Launches PQ-SPEAR to Combat Socially Engineered Cybersecurity Attacks

The scope and severity of cyberattacks continues to intensify due to a combination of attack surface expansion, insufficient security awareness and enterprises’ lack of insight into threat intelligence.

Highly targeted spear phishing campaigns are increasing, leveraging publicly available social media information to create personalized and believable attacks to compromise employees’ and organizations’ most sensitive data with greater success.

To address the need for deeper insight and assessment of the risks stemming from social media and other online activity, PiiQ Media is launching PQ-SPEAR. This industry-first solution educates trainees on their personally exposed information through spear phishing simulations, using proactive state of the art technology to prevent future breaches.

Most social media risk assessment technologies fail to provide companies with fully contextualized reports that identify exposure points for attacks based on public information on employees and executives. This additional context is key: spear phishing-based attacks are a significant threat to organizations, relying on personal identifiable information (PII) to exploit the human layer and infiltrate companies.

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PiiQ brings actionable, personal and corporate intelligence and risk assessments using open-source information to stop socially engineered cybersecurity attacks for large enterprises, government agencies and highly regulated industries.

The PiiQ SaaS-based platform safeguards customers from employee, corporate and third-party risk. PiiQ addresses the human element of security with advanced threat intelligence analytics and automated risk scoring for individuals and organizations.

Using PQ-SPEAR, organizations can educate employees on what information they have that’s publicly available and can be used against them. PQ-SPEAR helps companies improve their security posture by:

  • Creating individual PII exposure reports that identify what PII is exposed across their social media profiles and educates them on how to secure the information they would like to keep private.
  • Conducting individually contextualized spear phishing simulations that show how a person’s information can and will be used against them. This demonstrates how a spear phishing email can look like it comes from a friend, a colleague or a trusted organization.
  • Educating organizations about the risks and the need to provide more effective policies and guidance on personal, digital hygiene and security. Only when companies embrace the integration of personal security with corporate security postures will their security improve.

Aaron Barr, chief technology officer, PiiQ Media, said: “Spear phishing campaigns can now automate the use of public information, much of it coming from social media platforms, making it crucial to track for this kind of exposure among employees when measuring risk.

Many of the available social media risk assessment technologies today fail to provide companies with proper reports that highlight exposure points for attacks based on public information on employees and executives. There is no other product like PiiQ SPEAR in the market with capabilities that show and educate trainees on their personally exposed information, or how that information can be crafted into a highly targeted spear phishing attack.”

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