proteanTecs Collaborates With BAE Systems To Create A Zero-trust Supply Chain For Defense Applications

proteanTecs Collaborates With BAE Systems To Create A Zero-trust Supply Chain For Defense Applications

proteanTecs, the global leader in deep data analytics for eHealth and performance monitoring, today announced a partnership with BAE Systems to create a zero trust supply chain for defense and critical infrastructure.

Providing secure electronics for critical applications requires authenticating and tracking the product throughout its lifecycle. To accelerate the development of new technologies, companies must adhere to strict measures while reducing the risk of fraudulent products and supply chain vulnerabilities. However, as chip shortages continue to impact supply and demand, there is growing concern about the semiconductor “grey market,” where counterfeit devices pose a threat to safe and reliable services.

Paul Karazuba of Semiconductor Engineering said: ” The counterfeit chip market is large and growing, with an estimated global value of $75 billion in 2019. According to relevant information, these counterfeit products have been assembled and integrated into more than $169 billion in electronic equipment. Recently Incidents in which counterfeit parts have been confirmed to be found in electronic systems include defibrillators, airport landing lights and high-speed train braking systems. Electronic devices play an important role in nearly every aspect of modern life, and the risk of using counterfeit products exists. from inconvenience to injury or even death.”

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Katherine Sobolewski, Director of R&D, RF, Electronics and Networking, BAE Systems FAST Labs™, commented: “Cloud computing, IT and other mission-critical infrastructures require stringent protection measures. proteanTecs’ unique technology promises to allow us to track and secure every device , and assure our customers of the integrity of the supply chain.”

Uzi Baruch, Chief Strategy Officer at proteanTecs, said: “We are proud to have been selected by BAE Systems to bring reliable and proven electronics products to industries that require a high level of trust. proteanTecs’ technology can help businesses stay safe by preventing the leakage of counterfeit products deploy, protect its reputation, and maintain customer trust in the product.”

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