Protegrity Announces Support for Amazon Redshift to Secure Sensitive Cloud Data


De-identification Technology Provides Advanced Data Protection to Increase Analytics Agility Across Enterprise Cloud Environments

Protegrity, the data-security solutions provider, today announced support for Amazon Redshift, a fully-managed petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse. Organizations with high data-security and IT requirements can now deploy Protegrity’s data de-identification technology in the Amazon Redshift environment. With its format-preserving vaultless tokenization capabilities, Protegrity goes beyond encryption to ensure data is protected at every step of the data lifecycle—from storing and moving to analyze—no matter where it lives. By allowing protected data to be fully utilized without risk, Protegrity for Amazon Redshift enables customers to drive significantly more value and insights from sensitive data in the cloud.

Building on Amazon Redshift’s comprehensive, built-in security capabilities available to customers at no extra cost, Protegrity protects the privacy of individuals by anonymizing data before it reaches Amazon Redshift. The combination of Protegrity and Amazon Redshift allows businesses to unlock the full business value of sensitive data while enforcing even the most stringent industry and regulatory data policies.

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Protegrity Protects Data, So Businesses Can Focus On Innovation

Modern enterprises understand that data is at the center of innovation. As more organizations choose to store sensitive data in the cloud, data-security risks increase. At the same time, organizations have also increased security requirements associated with how they collect, move, and analyze data. These conditions often prevent them from being able to fully leverage the benefits of data in the cloud for business operations. Protegrity for Amazon Redshift provides the data protection enterprises need to accelerate cloud and analytics agility and provide operational resilience.

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“Cloud and SaaS technologies have forever changed the way data must be protected, and migrating to a cloud platform considerably increases enterprises’ need for elevated data security,” said Rick Farnell, Protegrity CEO. “Protegrity is committed to securing sensitive data wherever it resides across the enterprise. By supporting Amazon Redshift, we’re adding another layer of data protection while eliminating the complexity of securing multiple environments, freeing customers to invest more time in unlocking data’s potential.”

With its latest support for Amazon Redshift, Protegrity continues to deliver on its commitment to expanding cloud-inclusivity, enabling customers to maintain enterprise-wide data protection wherever sensitive data resides.