Q5id Signs Agreement with Western Washington’s Timberland Bank to Offer Proven Identity to its Customers”

Q5id Signs Agreement with Western Washington’s Timberland Bank to Offer Proven Identity to its Customers-01

Q5id Inc. has announced a new agreement with Timberland Bank, which has served customers in Western Washington for more than a century. The agreement will deliver access to Q5id’s patented Proven Identity (PID) solution through Timberland’s in-branch network and online services.

Q5id has developed the world’s first proven identity solution, integrating several Personal Identifiers into creating a single, trusted identity. PID provides individuals with one, and only one, universal identity. Its revolutionary approach proves that a company’s customers are who they say they are while putting control of identity management back in the hands of individuals. PID thus eliminates the impact of fraud, identity theft, and data breaches.

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“We are working closely with the team at Timberland Bank,” said Q5id CEO Steve Larson. “We look forward to our new partnership bringing the benefits of proven identity to this leading financial services institution. Identity can never be assumed; it must be proven.”

Timberland Bank first opened its doors more than 100 years ago in downtown Hoquiam, a booming timber town near the Washington coast. The bank’s pursuit of innovation and excellence propelled it towards exploring options to replace the traditional, and less secure, bank experience many of its competitors offer.

“Our agreement with Q5id and its Proven Identity platform enhances our services to our customers by providing them a safer and more secure way to perform everyday transactions,” according to Timberland Bank COO Jonathan Fischer. “We are proud of our long history as a community bank serving the people of Western Washington and are excited to announce this new agreement.” Timberland’s Chief Technology Officer, Breanne Antich, said “the bank is excited to provide a new technology solution that will provide a layer of security and efficiency for our commercial and retail customers.”

Q5id’s technology will provide Timberland’s customers with a uniquely convenient and secure way to access accounts, in addition to creating peace of mind in knowing that they are the only person who can perform transactions with their account. Q5id’s Proven Identity solution offers the most robust, frictionless customer experience available on the market, authenticating identities in a matter of seconds.

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