Quali and BEACON RED announce partnership for innovative cyber solution for the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council

Quali and BEACON RED announce partnership for innovative cyber solution for the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council-01

Quali , the Infrastructure Automation at Scale ™ company, and BEACON RED , an EDGE Group company that provides solutions to address complex national security threats, have partnered to provide cybersecurity and security Provide services to governments, the military and critical infrastructure projects in the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. As part of As part of this partnership, BEACON RED and Quali will provide a joint solution that enables customers in the GKR area to set up complex cyber-range and interoperability test scenarios that strengthen cybersecurity support for critical operations and the management of secure environments.

By using Quali’s CloudShell infrastructure automation platform as part of the solution, BEACON RED can offer advanced security solutions that enable customers to:

  • Rapidly build and replicate complex environments with a mix of virtual and physical infrastructure built according to customer compliance and governance standards
  • Design and deploy robust cyber-range scenarios , deployed and used as needed
  • Create secure, compliant environments for testing and validating new solutions

“BEACON RED and Quali are committed to helping GKR customers achieve both flexibility and scalability in their cybersecurity,” said Mauricio De Almeida , CEO of BEACON RED. “As an expert in cybersecurity and intelligence, BEACON RED knows that asymmetrical Threats, particularly to the mission-critical physical and IT infrastructure of nations, require unconventional solutions.

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“By integrating Quali CloudShell into our offer, what would otherwise have taken days or weeks for the configuration can now be done at the push of a button,” continues De Almeida. “Together we will pursue our mission to protect our customers in the national Strengthen security against increasingly complex and destructive cyber attacks. Our focus will be on preventing, disrupting and resisting cyber attacks in order to increase our customers’ ability to maintain operational resilience. “

“Both Quali and BEACON RED believe in IT choice and service flexibility so that the customer can choose the right environment for their needs,” says John Klemm , Quali Executive Vice President and Cybersecurity Practice Owner Aligned the cybersecurity mission to enable our mutual customers to make safe decisions, and Quali’s integrated IT infrastructure governance capabilities ensure customers can manage risk in all environments. This agreement will help us achieve our extraordinary growth continue together. “

In addition, customers in the Middle East now have access to Quali products through BEACON RED’s implementation team, which offers secure and supported infrastructure implementations to counter current threats such as cyberattacks and remote working conditions that make environments more vulnerable to vulnerabilities. BEACON RED also employs one of the most distinguished cybersecurity experts in the region, who can use the Quali software for use cases in the field of cyber range and interoperability.

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