Qualys Further Expands its Global Cloud Platform with the Launch of a UAE Cloud Platform in Dubai


Qualys is powered by Nine Global Cloud Platforms in the US, EMEA and the UAE, and 82 private cloud instances, all in managing 20 petabytes of data, indexing 9 trillion data points in Elasticsearch clusters and handling more than 17,500 subscribers worldwide

Qualys, Inc. (NASDAQ: QLYS), a pioneer and leading provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions, today announced the establishment of a new Cloud platform in the UAE.

With nine locations across the globe, Qualys is expanding its highly scalable Cloud Platform that powers Qualys’ suite of integrated IT, security, and compliance cloud apps including its latest VMDR® (Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response) and Multi-Vector EDR solutions. Uniquely, the Qualys Cloud Platform provides real-time visibility across the entire hybrid environment from on-premises, endpoints, mobile, containers, cloud(s) and OT and IoT environments via an array of sensors and connectors that bring the telemetry required to provide continuous 2-second visibility across all IT assets.

In addition, the Qualys Cloud Platform automatically builds a comprehensive Global IT Asset Inventory that is continuously updated in real-time and can be synchronized with CMDBs providing a single and accurate “source of truth” for companies of all sizes. Furthermore, Qualys also hosts private versions of its cloud platform where 82 companies host the cloud on premises and store data locally, such as the cloud recently announced in partnership with Digital China.

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The Qualys Cloud Platform in the UAE will support several local compliance requirements, such as the Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre’s (ADSIC) Information Security Policy and the UAE Information Assurance Regulation. It will also allow Qualys’ partners, such as managed service providers, the opportunity to offer cloud services to sectors that are highly regulated.

“In today’s global digital economy, the competitiveness of nations is dependent on their ability to leverage technology in ways that set them apart,” said Andrew Ward, senior vice president – NBI Products & Solutions, du. “The UAE’s cloud-first strategy, as set out in the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority’s guidelines of 2018, calls for the establishment of a regional data hub. As such, we commend Qualys for pursuing its vision to launch a UAE-based cloud-services platform. This move aligns with our own strategy to work with the most reputable vendors and ensure businesses across the region have seamless access to the tools and intelligence they require to build innovative ecosystems. Innovation is the gateway for Middle Eastern companies to continue thriving in the new digital landscape. Looking ahead, a host of possibilities await organizations with support from Qualys UAE Cloud.”

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“The Qualys Cloud Platform is built on a cloud-native, microservices-based, containerized architecture that delivers an extensible, scalable, powerful experience.  And, above all, it provides real-time visibility across the entire global and hybrid IT environment allowing to detect and prioritize critical vulnerabilities, identify malware and effectively respond all from one single pane of glass,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO, Qualys, Inc. “We are very happy to now deploy another instance of our Global Cloud Platform in the UAE.”