QuintessenceLabs CEO Vikram Sharma to Interact at DEF CON 30’s Quantum Village


QuintessenceLabs, an industry leader in quantum cybersecurity, today announces that CEO Vikram Sharma will be presenting at the DEF CON 30’s Quantum Village, where he will be discussing the importance of crypto agility and the hidden problems surrounding it. The company is also sponsoring this year’s Quantum Village, one of the largest and longest running hacking conventions in the United States. DEF CON 30 takes place from August 11-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The Quantum Village works at the intersection of quantum technologies and cyber security, encouraging people to explore quantum technology with ingenuity and imagination. The event brings together people from several fields, from academics, to hackers and cyber security experts with the goal of creating a community interested in further advancing the science behind quantum technology. The Quantum Village will have multimedia and multi-sensory interactive experiences enabling participants to learn and discover more about quantum technology. For many, this event is a chance to show support for the growing community of quantum hackers, and help inform the conversation around the impacts of quantum technologies.

“The threat of a quantum cyber-attack is present today, and as that threat grows, we need to learn and adapt to prevent future attacks,” said Sharma. “That is why events like DEF CON 30 are so important. It provides a new space where people can engage with, explore, and discuss this new tech paradigm. We must use these opportunities to come together and drive discourse on the future of quantum technologies.”

Sharma will be speaking on Saturday, August 13 at noon. He was recently recognized by The Australian on their Top 100 Innovators list of 2022.

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