Rackspace Technology Is working With Blackline Safety To Expand Its Core Infrastructure To Support Rapid Growth And Provide Solutions For Industrial Contact Tracing

Rackspace Technology is working with Blackline Safety to expand its core infrastructure to support rapid growth and provide solutions for industrial contact tracing

Rackspace TechnologyTM (NASDAQ: RXT), a leader in end-to-end multicloud technology solutions, today announced an agreement with Blackline Safety Corp. (TSX.V: BLN) announced a leading global provider of gas detection and connected security solutions to drive key software innovations and platform enhancements to support the company’s growing customer base and employee contact tracing solution.

Blackline Safety provides wearable security technology, people and space gas monitoring, cloud connected software, data science services and data analytics for leading companies around the world. 

In early 2020, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Blackline saw an urgent need to support its customers’ ongoing security needs with new industrial capabilities for close contact tracing. 

The company has partnered with Onica, a Rackspace Technology company and a Premier Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), to help rapidly develop and deploy its solution for tracing and reporting close contacts.

Blackline Safety has grown rapidly since launching its first cloud-connected G7 security wearables in 2017. End customers’ desire to use the data collected by their Blackline Safety solutions led to the creation of Blackline Vision’s data science team and a range of data-driven tools and services.

As part of a broader effort to improve its data streaming and processing infrastructure, Blackline needed a partner with big data expertise who could help transform aspects of the current platform to allow faster scaling and real-time computing of to enable a growing number of products in use by customers. 

They also needed additional resources to build a data lake that could support new industrial-grade reports and visualizations for contact tracing.

“During this period of accelerated growth, it has become more difficult to balance critical software innovation with the need to grow our team while managing key improvements to our platform,” said John Moura, director, software development and operations, Blackline Safety . “We knew investing in our cloud infrastructure would support our next phase of growth, but it was critical to select the right partner with extensive experience and a proven track record. We found this partner in Rackspace Technology. “

Rackspace Technology worked with Blackline Safety to migrate from its traditional data collection and database storage system to a modern infrastructure on AWS that was better equipped to support Blackline’s future growth and innovation. 

Rackspace Technology also implemented a solution that uses Amazon Kinesis and Amazon EMR to capture high volumes of data streamed over integrated cellular and satellite connections from the Blackline portfolio of G7 devices on-site.

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With this new infrastructure, data is injected and forwarded using a variety of tools to maintain its integrity. The data is then enriched, transferred, and compiled in Amazon Redshift with the support of Delta Lake. The immediate impact of this collaboration enabled higher data rate reports to be delivered from connected wearables and helped Blackline Safety customers make informed, data-driven decisions about their businesses.

Another success of the collaboration was the support for the launch of the highly visual and interactive infrastructure of the Blackline Vision team for industrial contact tracing. The solution provides automated visualizations that highlight close interactions between employees over a period of time using secure data from their Blackline Safety wearable devices. 

The teams have successfully ensured that the information for each customer organization is rigorously managed so that only certain users have access through strict user access controls, which helps ensure a safe and informed return to work.

“We’re proud to work with Blackline Safety to improve operations and contribute to a solution that protects workers and fights the spread of COVID-19,” said Jeff Deverter, CTO, Solutions at Rackspace Technology. “Rackspace Technology was the ideal partner to help Blackline Safety migrate from traditional data acquisition and database storage to a modern infrastructure on AWS. This new architecture has improved the quality of the insights Blackline can deliver to its customers. It immediately supports Blackline’s explosive growth and opens up future innovations for the company. “

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