RackWare and Global Vox Successfully Deliver Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery Solutions

RackWare and Global Vox

Twosome join forces to help organizations migrate legacy systems to modern platforms

RackWare, a provider of an intelligent, highly automated, Cloud Management Platform, and Global Vox LLC, a leading Managed Services Provider, have teamed up to help businesses take advantage of modern computing platforms. Global Vox developed solutions for in-application migration to Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure. The partner provides high end services, moves customers with minimal downtime, and features robust disaster recovery solutions.

The pairing has impressed corporations: Global Vox has more than 350 clients. The partner has been at the forefront of empowering organizations as they migrate legacy infrastructure to the cloud.  The solutions provider relies on RackWare’s Disaster Recovery (DR) services to empower its clients.

Flexibility is one attractive feature: they apply to single and multi-tenancy environments. Depth is another: organizations increase the amount of visibility and control they have over the DR process.  With Global and RackWare, businesses reduce their downtime, improve system performance, lower operations costs, and focus more resources on enabling and growing the business and fewer on maintaining the technology infrastructure.

Global Vox’s OCR Expertise Shines

Global Vox gained a strong reputation by supplying state of the art OCR services & products. Its long list of skills includes Watchlist Screening, Visitor Management System, Access Control, Authorization Management, DOC Licensing, Import Operations, and Foreign Trade Zones, among others. The partner has managed to stay ahead of the curve by helping OCR suppliers deploy Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions

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For example, OCR Services, Inc., which has been in business for more than 35 years sells global regulatory solutions. The corporation’s hosting infrastructure was slow and cumbersome, so a change was needed. OCR selected to Global Vox for migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Global Vox recommended and implemented RackWare for DR solutioning. By making the move, OCR gained security, scalability, and extensibility and reduced their infrastructure expenses by 55%. This example represents one of the many success stories that Global Vox and RackWare are now writing.