Recast Software Intrdouces Privilege Manager


Recast Software, a global leader in productivity and security tools for Systems Management, announced today that it has launched a new tool, Privilege Manager. Privilege Manager enables organizations to control local user permissions while empowering end users to independently gain temporary access rights. End users receive the access they need when they need it, while help desks benefit from reduced tickets. IT and security teams can then track all access via clean and clear reports. End users are empowered, and security teams gain insight and control.

“We’re excited to support our customers’ zero trust strategies by continuing to meet their evolving security and endpoint management needs,” said Will Teevan, CEO of Recast Software. Chief Architect Chris Muster adds, “We’ve always strived to make it easier for IT administrators to meet their organization’s security and compliance goals. With Privilege Manager, we’re continuing this work by helping SysAdmins put centrally managed controls around sensitive accounts in their organization, reducing the risk associated with these accounts.”

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Already utilized by enterprises globally, one Privilege Manager customer shares, “We barely get any requests for admin rights anymore. I’d say that is one of the biggest benefits, and the end-user’s life is easier.”

An IT Admin at a technology supply firm adds, “The end-user benefits from the product when they need to perform a task that requires admin rights. Thanks to Privilege Manager, the situation can be solved in a user-oriented, yet safe manner.”

The move solidifies Recast Software’s commitment to helping IT teams quickly uncover critical data points, remediate vulnerabilities, and achieve greater efficiency, resulting in improved security for many of the world’s largest organizations.

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